Social media is becoming quite popular and every hotel should use it to promote their hotel. In addition, your Facebook posts can help you build engagement and foster a long-term relationship with your prospective and existing guests. Here are a few ideas to help your hotel create some Facebook-worthy posts in December 2020.

Highlight the hotel’s facilities

Facebook allows you to create a lifestyle around your hotel.  You can make every post complement your hotel’s overall story. Share content that will enhance the image of your property and showcase your facility as a peaceful retreat. Ensure your posts are entertaining and attractive to showcase the dynamic life at your property and capture the existing atmosphere.

Selfie missions for your staff

Hotels can go behind the scenes and give the Facebook audience a glimpse of their hardworking staff. These are the people who make your hotel fun and stress-free. Share images of staff interacting with your guests.

Go beyond the hotel

You can promote your local destination by sharing content and pictures of the attractions, and scenery around your hotel. This will give your audience a sense of the area beyond your property.


Post questions on your Facebook page. You can ask your guests about the favorite places to visit in the region, what prospective guests love to see at the hotel, or any thought-provoking questions. You can also use a good photo that is captioned with a question.


Videos are a great way of generating discussions and feedback. They can start people on the journey to booking a holiday in your hotel. There are great apps and devices available that can help you create native videos for your hotel’s Facebook page.

Events in your hotel and the region

If you have any upcoming events, let people know about it through your Facebook page. You should not forget to post videos and photos once the event has happened.


People love competitions. When holding competitions on Facebook, be sure to follow the social media promotion guidelines and be sure to include some T&Cs.

Celebrate your wins

Hotels can use Facebook to celebrate their wins. You should let everyone know about your hotel’s recent wins. Celebrating your hotel’s successes publicly helps to ignite interest and will also fuel motivation in your team.

Celebrate mother nature

You can use your Facebook page to celebrate nature. Regardless of when or where, Mother Nature can put on a great and beautiful display.

Specials and packages

In all your other posts, you should not forget to promote your brand. Get the word out about the great deals and accommodation packages that your hotel is offering. However, ensure that you do not flood your page with special deals and packages.

Behind the scenes

People love seeing the inside of your hotel. For example, if you are building a new section of your hotel, you can take a photo and show people what you are doing. You can even create a Facebook album of the entire project from start to completion.

Facebook is growing in popularity with users of all ages. This makes it a perfect platform for hotels to reach out to guests and foster a great relationship. Through your posts, you will engage with your guests pre- and post-stay and build a relationship with potential guests.

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