10 Signs That Your SEO is All Wrong (and how to fix it)

10 Signs That Your SEO is All Wrong (and how to fix it)

In our extensive experience spanning over several years, we have seen a trend of basic SEO errors that most of the hoteliers make while optimize their hotel website. Here are the tell-tale signs that your SEO is all wrong, and some tips to fix it:


  1. Low website visibility
    If your website is not visible in searches at all or is not ranking for industry keywords, then you should fix it immediately! To fix it, create unique content around effective keywords. Check if the site violates any of the quality guidelines and make changes accordingly.


  1. Reduced Website Traffic
    Your click-through-rate is not remarkable, if you get only sparse search traffic from your website. To get more clicks, you can use unique headings and effective tags for the content and images used on the webpage.


  1. Higher Bounce rate
    Visitors do not dwell on to initiate any action, if website is not responsive and has long loading time. Just need to compress images, delete unnecessary files and codes on the webpages. Make your design responsive and mobile-friendly.


  1. Non-existent Repeat visits
    The website is not able to create a solid relationship with the organic traffic, if new vs. old visits are not increasing. To fix this problem, you need to create content with long-term potential and regularly post new and updated posts.


  1. No Usage of Meta-Keywords
    In SEO, meta descriptions and title tags are one of the most important elements that you should never forget. Besides, you should spot duplicate tags and optimize the field for more effective search results.


  1. Many Broken links
    To identify, you need to first find any broken pages that are plaguing your website and redirecting the broken URL internally to other working pages. Once you spot them, you should fix them immediately.


  1. Low quality backlinks; Not getting more backlinks
    Most of the hoteliers don’t know that low-quality backlinks can damage your website ranking and reputation. You can easily fix this problem by monitoring your backlink profile and by eliminating the damaging and unnecessary links.


  1. The images used on your website are not optimised for the website
    Just like your website, the images and videos of your site should be optimized with ALT tags. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, then you can hire a professional.


  1. Unable to achieve your goals
    Your SEO strategy is not working, if you are not achieving your goals. You should make the right strategy that will help you get more traffic, leads and of course, revenue.
  3. Low conversion rate

Getting higher web traffic is essential; but if your web visitors are not converting into loyal customers, then it is a warning that your SEO strategy is wrong. So, rework on your strategy and take the necessary steps immediately.


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