11 Ways to Make Your Hotel Website Social Media Friendly

Smart social media integration is crucial for search engine ranking and enhancing audience engagement. Social media is a powerful amplification tool that hotel businesses should leverage. Furthermore, on the search, social media platforms are treated just like other web pages and this is why making your hotel site social media friendly is important. Here are ways to make your hotel’s website more social media-friendly.

Refresh old content

Evergreen hotel content is meant to last forever. However, well-written hospitality content tends to become stale over time. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you need to give the posts a shiny coat. Add internal links to the old posts and then share these posts again on your social media platforms.

Engage customers on your platform

As soon as new or existing clients arrive at your hotel social page, you need to engage them. Avoid limiting social engagement to just social media platforms. You can use live chat to offer immediate solutions and answers to your clients on your site.

Make content shareable

When content is shareable, it is memorable and engaging. You can capture the attention of prospective guests with high-quality videos and great images of your hotel and staff.

Mobile-friendly website

Many people use mobile devices to access social media sites and this is why your website should be mobile-friendly. Your content should also be easily sharable and digestible on mobile.

Show social proof

Showing social proof such as screenshots or share counts is a great way of increasing your credibility and giving social confirmation to your hotel content. People are likely to engage with your content of they see that other people have posted or shared your content on social media.

Insert images on every page

When sharing content on social media websites, a link preview will automatically show an image. People will see these images when your site is shared on social platforms. Remember that links without images are quite boring.

Use attention-grabbing headlines or titles

Link previews that pop up on social sites generate the headline or page title. Therefore, ensure that your titles are eye-catching and interesting.

Add social media widget

Keeping your social media feeds updated is an ideal way of showcasing them. Showcase your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles. If you are putting lots of effort into them. This is a great way of adding visual elements and getting your visitors to engage with the content.

Ensure that your content is worth it

Your content should always connect with your target audience. If not, then everything else that you do will be a total waste. People only share content that they connect with, is informative, entertaining and buzz-worthy.

Add links to your social profiles

You should add direct links to your social pages on your hotel’s site so that your visitors can instantly explore your preferred social networks.

Track content performance

Tracking the performance of your content on social media is important as it will help you know how different audiences respond to your content. Additionally, you will know whether your social media strategy is bringing the results you want.

In today’s cutthroat digital era, making your hotel website social media friendly and directly connecting to potential guests is crucial. This will ensure that you expand your reach, boost traffic, increase conversions, and run a successful hotel business.

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