15 Must-Haves For A Brilliant Hotel Website

Hotel websites are a necessary and mandatory mean to an end: to reach a wider audience and to have a significant impact in the world of the internet.

So, having said that, what can we do to have a brilliant website about our beloved hotel? There are many things in that regard and we are going to help you with that:

1. Should be mobile-friendly.

More than 60% of the world’s population that surf on the internet do it through their phones, so it’s important that your hotel website is mobile-friendly.

2. It should have SEO content.

Make sure that the written content in the hotel’s website has SEO, which is a set of keywords related to this topic that make internet searches much easier to reach to your own site.

3. It should have galleries.

You need to show your hotel to the people! Make sure that you have lots of photos about several of the most locations of the site.

4. It should have a book engine.

This will allow people to make reservations online, thus giving you a bigger margin of profit and the capacity to reach a wider audience.

5. It should have links to your social media.

Even if you have a fantastic website, you shouldn’t leave your social media aside, so don’t hesitate to drop links in your site to promote your accounts at Facebook, Twitter and whatnot.

6. It should have a Contact section.

Whether it’s on the site or throughout an email account, your hotel should count with an area to let people contact to tell you about their doubts, possible mistakes that may be happened and many other things of the sorts.

7. It must be easy to navigate.

The site should not be difficult to handle or to navigate. People should be able to find what they are looking for without any type of explanation or help.

8. It should show the costs and overall pricing.

People should be aware of what they are going to pay for our services. It’s important they know from the get-go. We are not talking just about the reservation, but also about any other thing that may be of their interest.

9. It should look pretty.

This may sound like an obvious or easy thing, but we can assure you that it’s not. Your hotel’s website should have a great look to separate itself from the rest of the competition and to genuinely stand out from the pack.

10. It should show all your services.

And we mean ALL OF THEM. Don’t be shy about it. Show all your cards, all your services, all the offers that you have at your disposal. Let the people know what this hotel is all about, so they can make a much more conscious decision.

11. If you had important guests, brag about it.

Let people know that this is an important place where famous or powerful people stayed in. This is a great way to show the hotel’s fame and how well-received is in the higher spheres of society.

12. It should have a simple language.

You are trying to reach to a wide variety of people, so try to keep it simple with the language. That way pretty much everyone is going to understand you. Also, about understanding you we have something else…

13. You should have your site in several languages.

Internet is quite big and you should always be aiming to reach to the highest amount of people possible to get a quality reception and quality comments from them. In this regard, having a website for your hotel in several languages allows you to reach to so many people of so many different countries.

14. It should show the location of your hotel.

This is paramount. People would be looking for hotels in a particular area, so it’s important you show them for the start where you are located.

15. The design should be thematic.

Choose a set of colors and stick with it. Stick to a certain type of letters. Use a logo. Give the whole thing a much more familiar and characteristic feel to it.

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Aman Dhillon

We are very pleased with the service provided by Websrefresh team. The entire team was very professional and guided us through the process of creating a user-friendly website. Their word scribe is excellent and knowledgeable about our customer base and helped us create a message to suit the needs of our potential customers. It was great to work with a team that had first-hand knowledge about the hotel business. Our website was completed within the given time frame and the entire team worked diligently to modify the content to best suit the organic search engine optimization

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