2 Emails That An Empathetic Hotel Will Send To Its Guests In COVID Crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, hotels have to respond appropriately to the situation. Communication is key when it comes to engaging with customers. You don’t want to create the feeling that your hotel doesn’t care about its customers by just remaining silent and hoping all is well. Communication creates a bond with customers. If visitors have canceled their booking, you should continue communicating with them. Email communication alongside social media engagement can help the guests connect with your brand. So what kind of emails can you send to your guests in a time of COVID crisis?

Asking Them to Take Care

A hotel needs to send an email to its guests that shows it’s concerned about their health and that they should take care of themselves. For example, you could say,

“We are in an unprecedented time in history. We would urge you to stay safe and protect yourself and others by observing the guidelines and advise your government, healthcare agencies, and other organizations provide you. We are dealing with COVID-19 pandemic together and believe that we will conquer and normalcy will resume”

Sending an email that tells the guests to remain vigilant and follow the advice they have been given shows that you care about them and their families.

Showing What Your Hotel is Doing to Offer Support

Another email that you can send to your guests is one showing what kind of efforts you are making to support your customers during these difficult times. You can tell the guests what efforts you are making to ensure that their inquiries are handled. For example, you can say,

“During this COVID-19 crisis period, supporting our employees is crucial to offering you the services you need. To help support our employees so that they are able to take care of their health while supporting you, we have allowed them to work remotely. You will be served by our remote team when you need our help. Let’s go through the crisis period together.”

This way, the guests know that you are giving them the support they need even when things aren’t at their best.

In essence, as a hotelier, you have a responsibility to connect with your guests. You need them tomorrow and they will be your valuable customers. However, failing to take simple actions like communicating and engaging the guests can harm your business. They may lose that attachment they have with your brand and decide to book another hotel when they plan to travel in the future. Doing some occasional emails that show you care and you are offering all the support they need during the crisis matters a lot.

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