Whether you are managing a chain of hotels or a small independent hotel on the countryside, you need to have a hotel website that drives direct bookings. A hotel website is a crucial aspect of the online marketing strategy of your business and when designing it, you need to consider every component carefully. Here are three exceptional website features that can increase the booking rates of your hotel.

Social proof

One important feature that makes hotel websites trustworthy is social proof.  In technical terms, social proof is simply a social and psychological phenomenon where people copy the actions of other people in an attempt to assume behavior in a specific situation. Social proof means people trusting your hotel when past guests vouch for it.

Research shows that 96% of customers consider reviews essential when researching hotels. This is why testimonials from real guests are quite impactful and can help boost your bookings. The best hotel sites will display real reviews from trusted third-party sources like Google and TripAdvisor.

New customers will check your hotel rankings and ratings, social media followers, client testimonials, and case studies. Therefore, every hotel should consider highlighting their reviews on their site or any or the abovementioned parameters. These features will work as proof for your website visitors and new guests. When you display these, you are giving people assurance that your hotel is trusted and well-known. Believe me, social proof will encourage visitors to book a stay with your hotel and even become loyal customers.

Live chatbots

Hoteliers can boost direct bookings by implementing live chatbots to attend to inquiries from their guests. When new visitors land on your hotel website, they may have several questions as they browse through your site. You need to answer these inquiries instantly because if new visitors do not get a reply within a few seconds, they may end up leaving your site. This may lead to your hotel brand having a bad reputation in the industry. In such a case, having a chatbot will be easier for hoteliers to provide instant responses to their website visitors.

If guests have any question, they will ask the chatbot and get answers within a few seconds. When guests get an answer instantly, they are able to make a decision quickly. They can easily make reservations with your hotel because all their fears and questions have been taken care of.

Attractive CTAs

Every hotel website should have enticing CTAs. CTAs will lead your visitors to the booking engine so that they can make reservations after landing on your site. When visitors land on your hotel website, they will explore your services, gallery, rooms, and other pages on your site, but may not make any bookings. You need an enticing and visible call-to-action or CTA like a Booking Box or Book Now button that will direct visitors what to do next.

Attractive CTAs are essential to get visitors to book directly with your hotel. Your website CTAs play a crucial role to get your hotel more bookings. This is why you must ensure that the call-to-actions on your site are attractive and appealing to your visitors. With enticing CTAs, visitors may not be able to resist it and will just click on your website.

Every hotelier wishes to drive direct bookings on their hotel website at some point in time. If your hotel has a functional website, chances are that you are doing everything possible to get new bookings from it. If you want to boost booking rates, you need to implement live chatbots, use attractive calls-to-action, and incorporate social proof on your website. These three website features will immensely boost your booking rates and help your hotel thrive.


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