As hotels prepare to enter 2021, it is best that hoteliers create a marketing plan for 30 days. Hotels need to reassure guests about safety and any cancellation concerns. They should also communicate with their target audiences about the hotel’s activities and work to strengthen their relationship with the local community. Here is a week by week marketing plant that will help boost your hotel business.

Week 1-Creating An Effective Hotel Marketing Website

Your hotel website is a crucial extension of your hospitality. Your website is crucial for your digital presence, especially during the post Covid era. You must use the first week of December to ensure that your website is welcoming, helpful, user-friendly, and informative.

Be sure to add as many pictures of your property as possible because guests want to picture where they stay. Virtual tours are much better as they will give an actual view of the entire hotel property. Ensure that room and amenities information is up-to-date, detailed, and easy to find. The main goal of your hotel website is to mirror the experiences that clients will have at the hotel.

An example of an effective marketing website is the Hotel Risveglio Akasaka. They did it well with regards to user experience. Furthermore, the scroll navigation that naturally leads users to the booking page and enhances the web page conversation rate and the order quantity.

Week 2- Advertise On Social Media Platforms

You should use this week to build an engaging social media presence for your hotel. You should find ways to engage your guests and encourage them to even share the positive experiences they had during their stay at your property.

Hoteliers should also highlight the location, staff, and amenities in their hotels. However, you should avoid constantly talking about your hotel, because this is not what many people want to see in their feed. You need to make your visitors feel as though they are locals by showcasing good restaurants, promoting nightlife and events, or sharing local tourist spots. You must work hard to ensure that your social media presence is a great resource for both locals and guests. You can then increase and build engagement by providing the content that people are looking for.

An example, is how the Bates Motel uses an appropriate seasonal messaging to focus on the distinct selling preposition of their business. Hotels can also apply this when it comes to their seasonal and holiday advertisement campaigns.

Week 3-Strategic Hotel Display Ads and PPC Ads

The best way for hoteliers to drive traffic to their website and booking portal is by using display and search ads. Every hotel in the region or city will be contending for similar search terms. Therefore, you should try target keywords that will enable you stand out for the competition.

This is the week that you should try using interest-based display ads or history to engage event planners and vacationers that have not made up their mind regarding a venue. You should take time to test various demographics, ad copy, ad platforms, and creative to determine what works and what does not. Be sure to set realist ad budgets and tweak when necessary and wait for direct bookings to start rolling in.

Week 4-Proactive Hotel Reputation Management

Even the best and most reputable hotels will upset their guests from time to time. Today, many people will vent on social platforms and online review websites. This means that your hotel is bound to get some negative reviews. As your hotel tries to recover from the pandemic, it is harmful to leave negative comments or reviews unanswered. This is why you should use the fourth week on your marketing plan to reputation management.

You need to claim your hotel business on all review websites and major booking sites to track customer comments. Social listening tools can help you keep tabs of whatever is said whether good or bad about your hotel property on websites and social platforms. You need to come up with appropriate responses that will help you determine when you need to defend your hotel, when to offer service recovery, and when you should say nothing at all.

For example, hotels need to respond to reviews on all channels and not just on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor may be one of the major hospitality review sites in the world, but it is not the only one. Instead of focusing all your energy on one website, you hoteliers should also check out other review sites like such as Expedia, Airbnb,, etc. ensure that you collect guest reviews of your property on online websites and respond to them.

It is true to say that TripAdvisor is the biggest hospitality review site worldwide, but it is the only place showing what people say about your hotels. Instead of solely focusing on this site, there are other popular platforms people use to leave their reviews such as Google and OTAs’ review platforms like, Expedia, etc. Make sure that you collect most guest reviews of your place on online sites and get them responded.

December 2020 is already here and hoteliers need to create a 30 day marketing action plan that will help them boost their business in 2021. Although we are still in uncertain times and predicting what will happen tomorrow is difficult, hoteliers need to stay optimistic. With the right marketing action plan in the remaining days, you will market your brand to the world and get the bookings you are looking for.

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