The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted businesses across the world, however, the pandemic will surely end and businesses will continue operating. Hoteliers need to know the areas of marketing that they need to invest in so that they can grow after the pandemic. With the right strategies in place, your hotel facility will attract more guests and your profit margins will grow tremendously. Read on to know the exact areas that you should invest in Hotel marketing after COVID-19.

Website Audit and Reviews

Hoteliers need to invest in website audit services to ensure that their sites are catering to the needs of their customers and visitors. A professional website audit will highlight any technical problems in your website that are affecting the easy navigation of your site. Professionals will ensure that your website loads faster, is easy to navigate, has up-to-date content, and is SEO-friendly. With a website that appeals to your customers and visitors, you can expect an increase in your traffic and more bookings.

Update Your Content

Making simple tweaks and updates and even changing the date of your articles can instantly boost your rankings on the search engines. It is no secret that Google and other search engines prefer fresh and engaging content and updating your content is important post COVID. Ensure that you go through all the articles and pages on your website individually and update them. You will notice a big increase in your organic rankings which will lead to more website traffic and new clients.

Set Up Programmed Email Marketing Campaigns

Hoteliers need to reach out more to their existing customers and even get referrals from them. This can be achieved by setting up automated email marketing campaigns that target this audience. This will ensure that hoteliers send more newsletters and reach out to a larger audience to increase their conversion rates. After COVID, many people will want to travel and try out new destinations and this will be the best time for hotels to let visitors and clients know about their hotel, new offers, great activities and places to visit in the locality, and many more.

Facebook And Instagram Advertising

Social media platforms have become a great part of marketing for many hotels today. With people spending most of their time on social media platforms, hoteliers need to invest in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Hoteliers can showcase their rooms and facilities through pictures and get likes and shares from people who have been to the hotel in past. They can also post new offers, discounted rates, and activities that people can enjoy while staying with them. Your hotel will miss lots of new bookings if you do not invest in social media marketing.

Google Listing

Today, consumers use Google and customer reviews as the most popular resources when making purchasing decisions. Most people inherently trust what other clients have to say regarding a business, and when they want to know anything they will just Google it. This is why it is no surprise that Google My Business is becoming an important marketing tool for businesses today. Therefore, hotels must invest in Google listings if they want to get new customers or keep your existing clients.

The pandemic will soon end and hoteliers need to prepare for business and adapt to the new normal. It is best to prepare yourself early enough and have all the information firsthand so that you can beat the competition. Whether you are a big hotel or you are just starting off with little money to spare, you need to invest in hotel marketing after COVID. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will take your hotel to a whole new level by increasing your bookings and profit margins.

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