5 Best Possible Giveaways That Hotels Can Have To Get More Subscribers

Email marketing is a lucrative way for hotels to improve their marketing strategy. It can help to enhance customer retention and acquire new customers and increase their spending. Your email marketing strategy should focus on getting the right campaigns in place and growing your listings. Here are the best giveaways to help you gain more email subscribers.

A Free Weekend Stay

You can drive more people to your mailing list by offering a free weekend at your hotel. Most people will book their initial stay for them to enjoy the free weekend stay. Free giveaways entice people, and they will do whatever you want them to do to get a free stay.

Exclusive Discount Codes

Hoteliers can increase their subscribers by providing discount codes exclusively for the new subscribers or email sign-ups. The coupon codes can be redeemed for a discounted stay at your hotel or other amenities such as meals at the onsite restaurant or spa services. Ensure that you are clear about the rules of using the coupon codes.

Discounts or Services on Hotel Amenities

Offer services and discounts for the amenities that are offered outside your hotel rooms. If your hotel has a restaurant, spa, or salon onsite, you can offer deals to your guests to get them onsite. This will allow visitors to come to the hotel and will remember it for future visits and even share with their immediate circles. For example, you can offer 50% off manicures for customers who buy a pedicure at your spa or offer two appetizers for the price of one at your bistro.

A Free E-Book

You can offer a free eBook to all new subscribers of your email listing. The eBook should highlight the newest attractions in the locality, the most popular activities and events, and meaningful experiences or events that are close to your hotel. An e-book can get guests excited to join your mailing list, especially if they are new to the city and need a travel guide to help them out.

Incentivize the Hotel’s Loyalty Program

Once a guest signs up with your hotel, you should invite them to your loyalty program. This is important, especially for first-time guests or customers. You can advertise back to these guests by providing a perk for becoming a member or joining your hotel mailing list. Keep in mind that 73% of customers appreciate hotel loyalty programs that have frequent rewards that are not dependent on earning points. Every day can be a special occasion for hotels to reward their new subscribers with something special.

Giveaways are the best way for hotels to increase overall subscribers. Hotels need to test how fans will react to the deal or giveaway to ensure more email signups at a smaller budget. Hoteliers must ensure that their giveaways are restricted to people who are not on their email listing. Additionally, they should be very clear about the regulations and rules when running a giveaway to avoid future problems.

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