5 Blog Topics for your new Hotel Blog

Without creating an engaging blog time and again, you just cannot hope to turn your hotel blog into a successful venture. Thinking that writing a blog post is as simple as typing willy-nilly and then publishing it is a recipe to disaster.

Populating your blog post with quality posts often comes down to what topic you select. Here are five of the best topics to get you started.

About exploring the location on budget/advice post
One of the simplest ways to create new blog posts and still make them informative and useful for your prospective guests is to share general travel tips regarding your location. You can try many variations here. For instance:

You can share some insider’s tips to help your prospective guests explore the area without having to spend a lot of money. You can talk about some special attractions that may not cost anything on certain days. You may also join hands with local bars and restaurants and write about how your guests can take advantage of special discounts when they use your reference.
You can write a post about general travel tips. For this, you may pick a well-traveled staff member and ask them to share their special tips regarding what to pack when visiting your location or how to stay healthy while on the road. One such post can ask your old guests to share their tips in the Comment section to make this post a lot more valuable.
You can write a blog where you can ask your hotel staff to share their local favorites and recommendations. Such posts prove extremely beneficial because they offer valuable information to guests even before they have reached the front desk. Write about some impressive highlights of your destination and write how your guests can find local restaurants, shopping centers, landmark attractions, and other sights.
You can also write a post offering information about “recommended blogs” that would offer valuable information about your location. You may write about some top blogs offering travel advice or share blogs shedding light on the nightlife in the area. Such posts can help you build positive reputation in your community and make other blogs talk about your hotel in their posts as well.

Review of an event hosted at the hotel or in the city

Another interesting way to entice your prospective guests pick up the phone and book a room is to write blog posts about some fun-filled events that take place in your area on a regular basis. You can write reviews about an event/party you may have arranged in your hotel to make your prospective guests know what they have missed.

Be sure to highlight other opportunities to convince your guests that there is still a lot to come and they will have an experience of a lifetime staying at your hotel.

You can write about business events, parties, and even weddings in a way that it makes your readers feel interested. Not only can such posts inspire guests to book a room in your hotel, they may also inspire others to arrange similar events in the future. Writing about a celebrity attending a press event under your roof may encourage new bookings.
You can make such posts even more special by sharing irresistible photos from that event.

Photos from a wedding can certainly inspire brides-to-be to think of picking your hotel for their wedding party. While writing such posts, do not forget to ask guests or people who have attended the event to share their reviews. Do not forget to answer each of those reviews/comments to show that you value your guests’ opinions.

Behind the Scenes Post

So many things can fit into this category. It is always a great idea to review a recent event that may have recently took place in your hotel, but it also makes great sense to talk about how you and your hotel staff made that event possible.

Sharing interviews with staff members can be a standalone category for your hotel blog because it serves as a great way to personalize hotel experience for your valued guests. But, if you interview them about how they managed a specific event, it can certainly be a good choice for “Behind the Scenes Post”.

Frequently asked questions post about hotel or location

While this one needs research, you can always update your post considering what your guests want to know. You can always write a post covering some of the basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your location or hotel. You can even write a full post answering one single question. Just ensure that you are honest and upfront while answering the question.

These FAQs could be about anything from what to expect while staying at the hotel, what to expect in different rooms, what makes your hotel better than others in the area, what special events one can have arranged, what rooming upgrades you can offer, and so on.

About hotel renovation and how it improves guest experience

When renovating your hotel, it is important to prepare your guests in advance. If you stay open while having one of your areas being renovated, tell your guests about what to expect. A Blog post about it will help convey the message.

It is equally important to write a follow up post to share the renovation story – it really helps build a stronger relation with your guests. Understand that you have just spend tons of money upgrading and improving your hotel rooms or amenities, but people do not have any idea of how hard you and your staff have worked during the renovation. Make it known to the world by writing quality blog posts.

Do not forget to share quality photos showing what has changed after the renovation. You should also upload some high-res photos on your hotel website to provide people with a good idea of what to expect upon arrival.

Make sure that your blog post also talks about how those newly installed tiles in the lobby, new front desk, new furniture and fixtures, and everything else that you have upgraded is going to provide your guests with an improved staying experience.

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