5 Brilliant Give-Away Options to Increase Your Subscribers

5 Brilliant Give-Away Options to Increase Your Subscribers

Every hotelier wants a massive email list. However, growing one can be quite a challenge. This is because it takes lots of hard work, perseverance, and lots of time. Giveaways are an excellent option for hotel businesses that want to grow their subscriber numbers. For you to reap the benefits of offering giveaways, you need to strategize and invest your time and resources in forging new relationships in order to drive more bookings. Here are five give-away options to help you increase your subscribers.


Offer limited-time deals

Create offers in your email content that are limited and time-bound. The fear of missing out on a good offer will ultimately make customers subscribeand book your hotel services. You can send messages to customers based on their browsing history and exploit the power of scarcity. Show subscribers how sweet the deals you are offering are by putting a time limit on them. A tight deadline will encourage customers to share your content and they will act fast. For example, “check out our last available rooms” urges a customer to hurry because the rooms are limited. 


Take advantage of the holiday seasons

Guests are likely to book hotels during the peak seasons. You can use this time to entice new and existing customers to choose your business by offering attractive offers and special discounts. You can use marketing automation tools to send triggered messages that instantly boost engagement rates. 


Offer gift ideas on holidays

Send travel ideas whenever a holiday is around the corner. People are always searching for a great gift, and you can encourage them to think outside the box. This will encourage potential and existing users to try out what is on offer instead of sticking to the norm.


Provide access to experiences

Travelers are always looking for an experience and not just a destination. This is why you should promote the activities that are available to tourists. You can create more memorable customer experiences when you focus on the entire journey instead of the destination alone or your business alone. For instance, instead of promoting great hotel room deals, you should also promote all the services that are offered in your hotel as well. Think of unique ways to give travelers an unforgettable experience. 


Provide real testimonials

Guests are not just searching the web for great hotel deals, but they are also reading reviews. According to TripAdvisor, 93% of travelers across the world make booking decisions based on online reviews. Consider creating a message that has several testimonials from satisfied customers and give prospective customers a link to read more.


You need to constantly explore new strategies to increase your hotel subscribers. The hotel industry is quite competitive and creativity can help you win more subscribers and followers. Incorporate the above-mentioned strategies to help you grow your subscriber numbers.

Nimesh Dinubhai

About The Author: Nimesh Dinubhai

Nimesh Dinubhai, the president of Websrefresh, offers excellent services to hotel industry. Some of them include website development, web design, mobile application, brand positioning, and other related Internet services. He has great interest in technology, the Laws of Success, spirituality, and the hotel industry. Also, he is also a member of Vantage Hospitality and AAHOA.

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