5 Creative Ideas for Your Hotel Sites Contact Page

Even if you have a great knowledge base, your customers will surely need human assistance at some point. When customers get to the contact us page, they want the smoothest and simplest way possible to sort out their problem. Therefore, you should take time to build a contact page that will improve the experience of your customers. Here are a few innovative ideas for your hotel’s contact page.

Adapt Your Page To The Situation

There is no specific design for contact us pages. This is because every client needs assistance with something different. This means that the information you give them will change over time. Hotels can use ‘adaptive’ contact pages that cater to more unique customer requests. Your contact page can request visitors to categorize their issues and use this selection to showcase one of several forms to capture detailed and specific information. Adaptive contact pages save your visitors time and frustration. For example, Achieve3000 has three targeted CTAs to help people visiting their website find whatever they are looking for.

Design A Page That Looks Like A Postcard

Instead of the usual page that features an email, you can make your contact page look just like a postcard. With a simplified CTA button, your users can quickly send a message to your hotel. Instead of putting your address on the right side of your page like most postcards, you can add your social sites’ links to keep your users engaged. This page will stand out because it is unique and not like standard contact us pages. For the example, the travel website Let’s Travel Somewhere keeps their travel theme going on their contact us page that looks just like a postcard.

Incorporate Detailed Directions To Your Hotel

You should never restrict yourself to using simple drawings of the route to your hotel. You can add panoramic photos that can help potential guests to plan the fastest route to the hotel. It is recommended that you place two route descriptions; one for guests traveling by car and one for those using public transportation. For example, Blueleadz Company has incorporated a map to their office location as well as the address, email, and phone number.

Humanize The Customer Service Team

Customers looking for assistance become frustrated and stressed when they can only communicate with your hotel through emails and text chats. As a result, they will feel ignored and unimportant. People want to talk to real people and not robots. You can feature real photos of your support agents on your contact page to make guests feel more confident that they will be assisted. They will also feel more relaxed and be politer when interacting with the support team. A good example is Atlassian that showcases real and friendly-looking people who are available to help clients on their Contact Us page. This shows the company’s commitment to transparency and the faith they have in their support team.

Have A Feedback Section

The feedback form is quite convenient to use since visitors can easily send requests without having to leave your hotel website. Avoid detailed forms that have lots of fields to fill. All you need is the first name, last name, phone number, email address, and the body of the letter.

Every hotelier always wants their knowledge base to handle everything. However, customers will still need human support. This is why your contact page must be easy to find and make customers feel comfortable contacting you. With the best contact page, your customers will have an easy time whenever they experience any problem with your hotel.

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