5 Kinds of Photos Your Hotel Gallery Must Have for More Online Bookings

In the Hospitality industry, hotel images are the key to a well-performing and successful website. Human beings are naturally visual creatures and they usually buy with their eyes, particularly when booking hotel rooms. Your guests need to see how the rooms look like and any special features or facilities that you offer. Prospective customers rely heavily on your hotel images to make a decision because they have not seen the property in real life.

Your location

You should have pictures that showcase the exterior of your hotel. When booking accommodation, guests what to see how your hotel looks like from the outside and its location. The pictures should be realistic and give guests and idea of what the property is like. It can also help them to easily locate your hotel, especially if they are new in the area. Avoid pictures that include parked cars, road signs, and passers-by.

Common Areas

You should include photos of the common areas of your hotel. This should include the lobby as well as the reception area. These pictures will give your guests an idea of what they should expect to see upon arrival and the check in process.


Do you have facilities that make your hotel unique? Showcase them through photos. Take pictures of common facilities that your customers will access when staying in your hotel. These include a pool, recreation areas, patios, rooftop deck. Pictures are the best supplement to text when you want your guests to know what you offer.

Room Photos

Room photos are essential photos in your gallery. If you do not have room pictures then you are likely missing out on bookings. Be sure to include images shot from the door, from the window, and images showing special details that your guests would love. You should also have a picture of the bathroom, especially if it has great features. If you have multiple room types, then your photos should showcase the differences between them. This way, your prospects will be able to see the added value of the higher priced guest rooms.

Extra Amenities

You should include images of additional services or amenities that are available to your guests. This will help them know what else your hotel offers when compared to your competitors. Additional amenities include banquet halls, meeting rooms, business center, Parking garages, Airport shuttle buses, Luggage storage, Room service, and many more.

For guests to book your hotel, you need to grab their attention with an attractive hotel gallery. Good property photography should capture well-lit, realistic, and beautiful photos of your hotel. To inspire and captivate travelers, you should get high resolution and high-quality photos.

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