5 Mistakes to Avoid When You\’re Doing Facebook Marketing for Hotels

Facebook is an ultimate platform for any business. If we talk about industry, hoteliers can enjoy a host of benefits when they use smartly. But most surprisingly, numerous hotel marketers are using this platform badly. The main reason behind this is that they are not aware of some fundamental principles. As the result, they have to miss out higher booking and lose their online reputation.

Let’s check out what common mistakes they commit in Facebook Marketing and how to fix them:-

No Or Less Posting On Facebook

Shockingly, there are numerous hoteliers that just set up a business page and they don’t post contents on the regular basis. Once you create a page, you have to be active on this platform otherwise you may lose the attention of your audience.

Using Low-Quality Images

On Facebook, images are the best way to keep the audience engaged. Hence, your images should be composed thoughtfully that can catch the attention of the audience. When it comes to the size, it should meet Facebook’s requirements without any stretch or cropped.

Publish Irrelevant Content

Many hotel marketers post irrelevant content without devising any strategy. Your content should be for specific audience and meet hotel marketing objectives. When creating content, you should events calendar. Also, highlights the main attractions of the city. What’s more, you can also run contests time to time.

Not Engaging or Responding

Facebook is the big platform where you can keep your potential guests engaged by making polls, asking questions, running contests, etc. Besides, you should answer all the people queries promptly.

Hope now you have understood what’s wrong with your Facebook marketing strategy! Need assistance to get more bookings with Facebook? Just call Websrefresh professionals now who can help you with setting up accounts on Social media, creating landing pages for Facebook, crisis management process and action analytics. With our SMO solutions, you can get higher web traffic on your hotel website. To discuss your project, contact us now!

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