5 Smart Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your Hotel Branding Campaign

Hospitality industry has witnessed extensive competition over the past few years. The marketing for various hotels and resorts has become more aggressive and one needs to make use of a range of digital marketing channels to stay ahead of the curve. If you are planning to create a Hotel Branding Campaign, you need to find original, inspiring, and impressive ideas for your target audience. When planning a hotel branding campaign, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and send a positive message about your hotel business. Today, it is not good enough to have a professional website. You have to think out of the box and generate best marketing ideas. One of the best ways to improve branding is to involve the customers. Here are some smart ways that can help you involve your guests to promote your hotel.

Add Selfie Points:-

Having a selfie point in or around the hotel is the best way to encourage guests to take perfect selfies and groupies and share them on social media. If you don’t have any selfie point, then you can create a prop that matches your hotel theme. What’s more, don’t forget to remind your guests to add hashtags or tag your hotel while posting them.

Encourage guests to write reviews:-

Encourage your satisfied guests to write a review about your hotel when they about to leave. If we talk about online reviews, they are more imperative than ever. Before booking a room in any hotel, most of the travelers always go through reviews to know about the previous guests’ experiences. The more customers’ reviews available, the more reliable a motel will appear.

Host An Event at Your Hotel

Running interesting events like ‘the best couple of the day’ or ‘interactive scavenger hunt’ can give your guests a flavor of staying at your place. Such events will give a lot of fun during their stay. As well, many of them may share their experiences on social media. Hence, it aids in improving your hotel brand.

Run Contests on Social Media
Running a contest on social media one of the best and cost-effective ways to involve new vs. old customers and amplify hotel branding. When you start a contest on social media sites like Facebook, people participate in these contests. Thus, it increases visitors, new subscribers, and followers. But your contest should be engaging.

Give Your Guests Attractive Packages

The best way to fulfill marketing goals is to create innovative packages. Guests are attracted to “what comes with it” factor of any deal. Create attractive packages and promote them. Add in local attractions, restaurants and tours as add-ons to guests.

Hope above mentioned tips will suffice to involve customers to improve hotel brand. If you cannot take out much time to devise innovative strategies, then you can approach a professional web designing company like Websrefresh that can help you with hotel branding campaign. We are just a call away!

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