5 Subtle Ways of Using WhatsApp for Your Hotel Marketing

WhatsApp is the most popular social chatting app that you will find on almost every phone. Since, it doesn’t sell ad spaces or provides any direct feature for business promotion, you need to be innovative in devising a marketing approach for your hotel, targeted for WhatsApp users. Though limited by several factors, an effective marketing strategy focused around WhatsApp needs to be ingenious. Here are some tricks of using WhatsApp for substantial, subtle and smart advertising for your hotel marketing.

1. Use your hotel logo as the WhatsApp profile picture. Write your status such that it describes who you are and what is best about you. Don’t change your official WhatsApp account number until and unless it is absolute necessary.

2. Launch limited edition schemes that are available to people through WhatsApp messages sent to you. Create a buzz in the market through the scheme by involving the guests in activities they enjoy. Share tips and newsletters to build a long-term connection with the guests.

3. Involve your present and perspective guests in WhatsApp chats. Give them a feel of direct contact through the messaging service. Provide them with freebees through Q&A and other such games. Ask them to invite newer players for the games. Inform the guests about different events taking place in the hotel.

4. Utilise the click-to-chat link offered by WhatsApp and help the guest contact you through your website, email signature, or social media pages. The service makes it easier for individuals to start a conversation with a responsible person in your hotel.

5. Encourage your guests to share images taken on the selfie points and other places in the hotel on WhatsApp. You can also share images of different events on your WhatsApp account.

These simple tips can help you in leveraging the potential of WhatsApp for your hotel’s brand promotion and marketing.

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