The importance of a hotel website that converts cannot be overstated. This can be seen from the fact that commission fees for OTAs range between 15 and 30%. Every hotel, big or small, needs to have its own website for direct bookings. Today, most people visit countless hotel websites before they make reservations and there are a few things that they look out for. Here are 5 things that visitors look for on hotel websites before they make reservations.


The amenities in any hotel are crucial and are a determining factor in how comfortable the guest’s stay at the hotel will be. Many hotels provide very basic level of service like housekeeping and room service. However, expensive hotels will provide things like butlers, spas, and even have doctors available to handle any emergency. When checking your hotel website, guests will be looking at the amenities and services that the hotel offers to help them make a decision on the right accommodation facility. Hotels must showcase all their amenities on their websites to ensure guests get a glimpse of what they offer.

Pictures of the property

Guests want to know what they are paying for and having quality images of your hotel on your website is important. Although hotel photography is a major investment, it is one of the essential marketing assets. Your images will not just live on your website, but is an important part of your social media strategy and sales collateral.  When it comes to hotel photography, it is best to have more variety. Your hotel guests want to picture themselves at your property.


A hotel website should showcase the prices of different rooms. This is because your guests want to see the prices and compare different room prices before making a reservation. When traveling, guests want accommodation facilities that match their budgets and this is why room prices are an important factor for them. Most people will check several hotel websites to find the best rates and some may even try to negotiate the rates. Hoteliers should showcase their hotel room prices and even alert guests of any offers they have, especially during the low occupancy periods.

Social proof

Guests are always looking for hotels that are trustworthy and one way they can confirm this is through social proof. Guests will always trust hotels that other travelers vouch for and this is why testimonials from real guests are impactful for any hotel. The best hotel websites should show real reviews from real guests and from trusted third-party sources such as Google and TripAdvisor. You can also add a feed of user-generated content from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Checking in and checking out time

Guests will always look at the checking in and checking out time of the hotel. No guest wants to be inconvenienced when they arrive hours before the check in time and they discover that they have to wait for the guestroom to be ready. They may also have to pay for an extra day in the hotel, especially of your departure time is just after the hotel’s check out time and you want to stay in your hotel room. Hoteliers must ensure that their websites incorporate their check-in and check-out times because guests will be looking for this information.

On average, a person visits approximately 38 websites when searching for the best hotel with the best room, price, and location. Although the travel journey usually starts on a search engine, where it ends will depend on different factors. This is why every hotelier’s ultimate goal is to ensure that this search ends on their hotel website and with a direct booking or a phone call. Every hotelier should strive to prove that their website is the best and they offer what guests are looking for.

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