A website is an important conversion tool for every hotel business. The main purpose of your website is to generate more direct bookings. However, some features of your website may be killing your conversions. Even hoteliers with eye-catching visual designs, intuitive navigation, and intriguing stories may still have issues when it comes to conversions and booking rates. Here are five things that may be affecting your hotel website’s conversion scope.

Not mobile responsive

Mobile devices account for more than half of all the web traffic across the world because many consumers use their mobile devices when researching the best places to stay. If your website is not mobile-responsive, then you may be losing potential customers that may convert to actual guests. Ensure that your property gets on your customers’ radar by offering a great user experience both on desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, the search engines tend to favor responsive hotel websites over those that are not mobile-friendly and this makes responsive design crucial for SEO.

Hotel website is not secure

Apart from your online booking engine, your website should also be secure to offer clients a private and safe browsing experience. Having a secure hotel website is essential because about 85% of internet users will not continue browsing if the site is not secure. If your hotel website does not give customers the confidence that they are secure, they will not get to your online booking engine. Most customers today are very cautious owing to the proliferation of data theft.  You need to safeguard your hotel website with HTTPS to protect the authenticity and privacy of data that is passed between your website the user’s computers. If your hotel website is not secure, the browsers will alert users by showing “Not secure” warnings and this significantly affect your conversion rates.

Pale and dull photos

When it comes to making hotel reservations, most people depend on the pictures displayed on your website to make a decision. This is why you must ensure that your website gallery and webpages have photos that have been taken by a professional. Photos are one of the most effective ways that hoteliers can convey their guest experience, particularly in the hyper-competitive hospitality marketplace we have today. It is difficult to have higher conversion rates if your hotel website does not have quality and authentic images representing your property in the best light possible.

Website loading speed

Most consumers abandon websites that take too long to load. Consumers today are creatures of instant gratification and they do not have the patience or time to wait for slow loading websites. To maximize your hotel bookings, you must ensure that your website has a load speed of 3 seconds or less. You can improve your hotel website’s speed by choosing a simple design, minifying your JavaScript and CSS files, enabling compression, optimizing your video and images for the web, and much more.

Giving customers too many choices

When you give your guests too many choices, it will hurt your conversions. In modern psychology, when people are bombarded with many decisions, it adds to their stress and affects decision-making. As an hotelier, you may be tempted to show multiple types of rooms, packages and rates, or give multiple offers. However, it is best to focus on a few things so that your guests are not dissuaded by an overwhelming list. You do not want your guests to have an unpleasant experience that will increase their anxiety and prevent them from booking your hotel.

Even if you have the best hotel website, there are a few things that may be hurting your conversion rates. Ensure that you keep the above-mentioned things in mind to ensure that your conversion rates are not affected in any way. This way, you can boost your direct bookings and increase your hotel revenues in the competitive world that we live in today.

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