5 Tools to Check How Your Visitors Are Surfing Your Website

When measuring the usability of a website, it is necessary to understand how a user perceives and uses a website. It is necessary to conduct a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your website design to measure how a user interacts with it and the overall effectiveness of your work.

The Internet provides numerous tools to check how your users are surfing your website, Top 5 ones are described below in brief.

1. Google Analytics: It is a web analytics service offered by Google. Google Analytics breaks down the available stats into individual regions to get a better understanding of how people navigate on your site, how long they stay on different web pages, how they use the site, and what parts of the site are they interested in.

2. Inspectlet: It is a web analytics product that records videos of your visitors while they use your website. This allows you to see everything that they do i.e. mouse movement, clicks, scrolls and key presses on the website. This data is useful in the overall study of what the visitors are attracted to and how they utilize it. It also helps you understand how a user uses the website and what parts of it are they getting stuck.

3. SnapEngage: This web analytics product uses your conversation platform to engage with your clients more effectively. It is especially helpful in understanding the usability of your website. SnapEngage keeps a log of all the live chat to enable you to read the transcripts and understand the issues faced by the visitors.

4. CrazyEgg: It is a website optimization tool that allows you to know what your visitors are doing at the present moment, i.e. what are they clicking at and are interested in. The software provides scroll report, heat map tool, and other such tools that provide insight into the mindset of the visitors.

5. StatCounter: It is a web traffic analysis tool that allows you to compute your web usage share. It allows you to create analytical results for each separate page for aspects such as traffic sources, keywords, etc.

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