5 Ways to Check If Your Website is optimized for Speed

Website speed optimization is important for its performance and impression on the users. A quick loading time adds on to the long-term user experience and builds on the brand value of the business that the website promotes. Low website speed is a frustrating experience and leads to decrease in its organic visibility for search engines. When a website is optimized for speed, it results in a greater number of return visits, better user experience, viewer engagement, low bounce rates, higher conversions, and higher ranks in organic search.

There are numerous performance evaluation tools available in the market that can be utilized for analyzing the website speed. These include:

• Google Page Speed Insights
• Pingdom
• YSlow
• Performance Budget Calculator
• Screaming Frog

Here is a list of five ways to check if your website is optimized for speed.

1. Check if the website is responsive: Any site must be responsive on various devices, ranging from mobiles to desktops. A responsive website takes less loading time and displays content coherently on various devices. Check on multiple screen sizes to ensure the best performance on each of them.

2. Check if the website is fast: Even the most brilliantly designed website can fail to attract if it takes a longer time to load. A good and responsive website takes about 5 seconds to load. Always analyze your download speed for each page, it should not exceed 5 seconds.

3. Is the website usable: On an operational website, a user must be able to view all its pages without errors like 404. An optimized website has no broken links and is able to download every page efficiently.

4. Check the geographic performance of the website: A major perk of going online is the power to reach the ever-expanding gloal market. To takes full advantage of this feature, it is necessary to conduct website speed and availability tests at disparate locations.

5. Check the image sizes: One of the major problems faced by any slow performing website is that you’re using too many or too large images. Always ensure that you use the right size images in their correct format. To ensure this, you may reduce color depth to the lowest acceptable level, use JPEG or PNG formats only, and always crop your images to the right size.

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