6 Check-Points That Reveal a Flawed Hotel Website

Designing a hotel website is subjective, without the right design team that can conceptualize to bring the design ideas into reality, you may not have a site that converts. You don’t want to have design talks only talking about photos, content, and colors. You need more on your site. These 6 design flaws can do harm to the website:

Home Page with no Contacts

Travel research does happen on larger screens as it happens on smartphones. Sometimes audiences want to call you. You need to provide your phone number and address to allow people to call you to make a booking. Don’t bury that important contact information in your site’s footer, it’s like an individual wearing their name tag on their shoe.

Music Playing on Your Site

When do you receive a majority of the bookings? It’s Monday through Friday, and to be specific, it happens from 9 am to 5 pm. Having music on your hotel website can kill your conversion rate. People are at work when most bookings happen. It’s disastrous to have music play from a website when you try booking your vacation and at the same time finishing up the work on your desk.

Directing away Your own Traffic

If you are having social media exits on your websites, it’s going to take your traffic away. Social media traffic can only be useful when it points people inwards – that’s, into your hotel website. The audience leaving your website to visit YouTube will most likely not come back. So don’t lead the people coming to your site go away.

Having a Single Call to Action

Your travel booking conversion isn’t just going to be fulfilled by having one call to action. You need to diversify your call to action and not just use the same “Book Now!” statement page after page. Engage the audiences using different calls to action.

Poorly embedding Videos

Don’t use suggested videos picked from YouTube because they direct away traffic. Ensure you copy the videos embed code properly and tap the option that says “show more” and uncheck the box reading “show suggested videos when the video finishes.” This way, you won’t have competitor videos showing when yours ends playing.

Having Overstuffed Homepage Taglines

Your site’s home page is the place to talk about your hotel facility and what you offer and where you are situated. Don’t overstuff the page with all kinds of selling messages thinking that you will convert. Provide the right information to your audience upfront so that they dig deeper to discover more about your hotel brand.

A lot of things come into play when it comes to designing a hotel website that is useful to potential guests, builds your conversion rate, and earns you revenue. These are some of the signs that you have a flawed hotel website design.

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