6 Great Blogpost Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Blogging, no doubt, is one of the most effective ways for hoteliers to drive higher web traffic as compared to SEO and Social media optimization. If we talk about Facebook posts or tweets, they help to connect with the customers instantly. On the other hand, blogging is an ultimate tool for story-telling. If you want to keep your potential customers engaged, then you should generate good story with fresh and new content. With informative and interesting posts on your hotel website blog, your visitors will trust you to grab any information related to your area. Here, we bring to you some brainstorming ideas that will help you write eye-catchy and quality posts:-

Include What’s Going on in Your City

Travelers always conduct search over the web on what’s going on in and around the city. So, if you include latest and upcoming local events in your posts, then you can help them out. This way, they can make their plan accordingly.

Write What You are Offering

Be it a business traveler or a leisure traveler, everybody wants to get detailed information about the hotel. So, you should speak about the amenities that you’re offering in such a way that target different audiences. For instance, if you are writing a blogpost for business owner, then talk about Wi-Fi availability, business center, laundry services, and breakfast options. Whilst for leisure traveler, you can discuss amenities such as swimming pool.

Talk About Nearby Attractions

Tell your site visitors what are the major attractions of the city! Even, you can create a to-do list that would be another reason to come back to your website. Besides, you can talk about some uncommon places of the city where every traveler should go.

Discuss about Travel Tips

Numerous questions haunt in every traveler’s mind – how is the weather in the city? What he/she should pack? What are activities that he/she can join? What are the major attractions of the city? Just write your blog
posts to answer all these questions. Besides, you can write how travelers can save their hard-earned money while embark on the trip.

Write about Interesting Facts about the City

Being a local, you have an idea about plenty of unusual and funny facts about the area. Just make a list now and write.

Mention Celebrities/famous People Who Have Stayed at Your Hotel

Nothing is more exciting than knowing that a celebrity has also stayed at the hotel. This gives the guests a ray of hope that they can also get a chance to send someone who is famous too. Tell your guests how was their experience at your hotel.

No matter, what topic you choose to write a blog, just ensure to give a personal touch to your posts. If you want to generate more sales and keep your rooms fully occupied even in 0ff-seasons, then you can hire Websrefresh that has years of industry experience. Contact them now to discuss your requirements!

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