6 Mistakes Hoteliers Overlook in Their Websites Booking Engine

A hotel that has its Website Booking Engine in addition to its presence on OTA (Online Travel Agency) sits on a higher bar to the hotels that only rely on the sources like, direct, GDS, OTAs and walk-in for bookings. Offering the guests a guided track to direct bookings on your hotel website is a better way to boost your business.

According to a study, cancellation rates of the accommodation were found to be more on bookings through OTA rather than the ones directly booked to the hotel’s website Booking Engine. So, it’s better to excel the user experience on your Direct Booking Engine by eliminating the usual mistakes as mentioned below which can gradually take the business down.

Not Offering the Best Price Compared to the OTA

A customer opts for the options that offer them the best price for their stays. So if your accommodations are getting pricey than the OTAs, you are sure to lose them. Offering the best price to the guests on your booking engine can help gear up your business.

Ensure no additional charges are levied at the end of the booking

The customer should be offered a consistent price until the last steps of their booking. No extra service fee or commission charges should be added in the final price at the time of booking. Only the unavoidable charges should be added.

Optimise your Hotel’s Website Booking Engine

Avoid any issues with image sizes, ‘https’ requests, plugins, caching, etc so that your website can load quickly and keep your customers focused on the booking process. You just need to focus on the right technology and strong attention to detail. Boost up the loading speed on your hotel’s website and bestow an exceptional experience to your upcoming guests.

Private Server Hosting

Use your own virtual private server that would offer optimum speed to the booking engine. They can be even customized to meet your needs. They share the same technical support as that in shared hosting. So offer an exceptional experience to your visitors on your high speed booking engine with private hosting.

Highlighted and Compelling Call to Action

The ultimate goal for a hotelier is to convert its visitors into its customers. This can only be done by a clearly visible call to action that is easily accessible. Simple and direct steps ease the booking procedure for a visitor, thus not losing the client.

User Friendly Booking Engine

Your hotel website booking engine should allow the visitor confirm their booking in the least number of clicks. It should be accompanied by an enhanced loading speed for quick procedure. It should include the least number of steps so that the guests could smoothly proceed with the booking procedure. The journey after the “Book Now” button should be hassle free and quick for the guests.

It may sound impossible to make a sale to every customer visiting on your website but correcting these mistakes will surely get you close to it. So if you are not getting enough business, check for these blunders mentioned above or contact the professional team of Websrefresh that holds expertise in making things perfect. Contact today at (602) 644-1779.

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Eduardo Palaso

Websrefresh designed beautiful, functional and easy to navigate website in less time than we are quoted from other companies in Phoenix, Arizona, which was an important factor, having on mind that we were approaching our busiest season. Our bookings have increased significantly and the reviews from customers are very positive. We received great service at a great price. Thank you!

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