Today, it is a necessity for every business to have a solid social media presence. With a social media presence, hotels have a great opportunity to connect and even engage with prospective guests in a more personal way. However, for you to win in the social space, you need to have a strong strategy. Here are top 6 posts you must make every month on your hotel’s social media pages.

Property Photos

Hoteliers need to post photos of their property to give people a hint of what they should expect. Your hotel photos should showcase all the room types and facilities that you have. You should also capture any specific details that will inspire and captivate travelers. Your hotel pictures should take guests on a visual journey through the hotel, and reflect the energy and ambiance of the property. In addition, your pictures should portray the experience that travelers should expect when they stay at your hotel.

Virtual Tours

Creating virtual tours of your hotel property is one of the best hotel video marketing ideas that hoteliers need on their social media pages. Virtual tours help prospective clients to see the property, its amenities or facilities, and how versatile it is without having to step food inside the hotel. Offering virtual tours of your hotel can increase interest, especially for people who are situated miles away.  Guests will be acquainted to your hotel and they will have an idea of what to expect when they stay in your hotel. You need to show off your restaurants, rooms, outdoor amenities like pools, and other things that makes your hotel stand out.

Events in your hotel and the regions

If you have any event coming up in your hotel or the local areas, you should post them on social media to let people know about them. You should also never forget to post videos or photos once the event has happened.

Behind the Scenes

People love getting the inside news. For example, if you are constructing a new section of the hotel, you should take photos to highlight the building process and then post a video showcasing the complete building. Let people know what is going on behind the scenes in your hotel.

Job vacancies

If your hotel is in need of new team members, you can enlist the assistance of your loyal social media fans in finding them. This will also give you an opportunity to boast why your hotel property is a great place to work and even visit.

Keep your guests updated

Sometimes, some things may happen in your hotel that is out of your control and may affect guest relations and even bookings. You need to post relevant and timely updates on your social media pages. For example, if your phone lines are not working, you need to let your guests and prospective visitors know.

Social media plays a crucial role in your hotel’s brand image and in the way guests view your property. Therefore, you need to create compelling social media posts that will enable you to broadcast your hotel and what it has to offer on different platforms. Make sure that your hotel has a solid presence in the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites that can enhance your hotel’s visibility to your target audience.



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