6 Things That Make Your Hotel Website Content Convert into Bookings

For every hotel website, creating original and compelling content is imperative. Looking for a company who has the experience and the expertise to give the website a facelift can give your bookings a boost. They focus on the target audience and tailor the content to suit the ideal guest as it helps in increasing the conversion rates. Here are 6 best tips on creating fascinating content.

1) Target the demographic- Researching about your audience is the key to the success of any hotel website. This will help you to understand the type of content to focus on. Once you have identified your key markets, create content that will engage the audience.

2) Use the right keyword- When strategizing the content of the website; it is important to understand the right keyword. Using accurate keywords will help in boosting the overall search ranking and help to attract more and more guests. Use keywords throughout the page to make the website search engine friendly.

3) Using videos in the content- Over the period, the power of video has become more and more apparent throughout the search. With the use of video, it is easy to create a story and show what the guests can experience while they are at the hotel. As people spend more time watching videos, it can make the content powerful and attract more visitors.

4) The layout of the content- Customers don’t read the whole content as they scan the headlines and jump to the information which is suitable for them. Therefore, it is essential to put the most important information first. Paragraphing the content, using bullet points, headers, subheaders as well as call to action can give a head start to your marketing plan.

5) Use original content- Don’t be lazy and make content yourself. Copy pasting the content from another site will result in penalty and copyright infringement. Ensure the content is genuine, unique and tailored to the reader’s interest.

6) Use a unique selling point- Every hotel has its unique selling point. It is essential to use it in the appropriate way in the content. It will attract your targeted audience easily.

These were some of the tips which will help in making your hotel website content convert into booking. However, it is always advisable to take help from a renowned company. Websrefresh is one of the website design and development companies that specialize in the hotel. Contact them and let them guide you throughout the process.

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Econolodge Phoenix

I choose Websrefresh because of their competitiveness, fast turnaround, and website quality. The website just launched and I am very happy. From A to Z, Nimesh took care of the website. When we were doing photoshoot in the property, everything happened with smooth transition. I would highly recommend them.

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