7 Content Writing Mistakes Most Hotel Websites Make

Content marketing is an important part of successful digital marketing campaigns. Good hotel content helps you to convey the unique features of your destination and even demonstrate the value that you can add to the travel experience of your visitors. With the right content, you can drive potential clients to your website and encourage them to stay at your hotel longer. Here are a few content marketing mistakes to avoid.

Not Analyzing Existing Content

Before you start developing new content, you should take time to carefully review the content on your hotel website. This will help you to note areas where users have been falling out of your purchasing funnel. You should determine the type of content on your site and why it exists, for example, destination content, hotel property descriptions, promotional copy. You should also determine the pages that are driving in more traffic than others and define whether your content is relevant to what users are looking for.

Not Specifying Your Targets

Before you start writing your hotel content, you need to know the audience you are writing for. When you have a deeper understanding of your target customers, you will be able to easily match the right content to your audience and at every stage of their user journey. For example, first-class travelers will have different needs compared to those of backpackers. When you know more about your customers in advance, you will be able to tweak your writing to suit their needs.

Poor Content Style

Your hotel content should have a unique, strong style, and personal feel that encourages customers to visit a specific destination and book your property. Providing insider information and exclusive tips is a great way of reinforcing brand trust and loyalty and engaging with your customers. You must ensure that your blog content is credible and does not overpromise with regards to what readers should expect when visiting your hotel. It is best to avoid distorted SEO content that results in high bounce rates and abhorrent sales-based marketing speak.

Not Personalizing Your Content

Most hotels experience increased bounce rates on their sites and low engagement even after using beautiful photography. This is because most of these facilities are unable to tell their story meritoriously. You should create personalized content that will be appealing and engaging to your target audience. You should take time to get information about existing and prospective clients and create information that appeals to them.

Not Using Image-Rich Content

An image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, your content narrative should always integrate inspirational images and videos. Creating high-quality pictures of your hotel and what you are offering will immediately engage guests and create a connection between them and your business. You can showcase your hotel story using pictures of your food, products, staff, and if you make your own beer or bread, then you can sell them using images. People tend to connect easily with images and will have a better understanding of your business and what you actually do.

Not Using Video Content

Video content is an integral part of business advertising today. Hoteliers can use videos to promote their businesses by creating emotive storylines that show the experiences that guests will enjoy when staying in the hotel. You can provide video tours of your hotel, the surrounding areas, and different hotels around the city. This will help to build customer confidence and compel them to make reservations because they already know what to expect from your facility. Videos are also an excellent way of boosting content sharing and customer participation.

Not Blogging Regularly

Regular blogging is one of the best ways of giving your hotel personality, engaging with clients, and reaching a wider audience, and it also boosts your SEO. Use blog posts to tell interesting stories about your brand, hotel, amenities, on-site restaurant, and rooftop bar or casino. Showcase any success that your hotel has enjoyed, and document positive customer experiences and case studies.

When creating content for your hotel blog, make sure that it reflects your business brand and fascinates the right audience. You can also link with travel bloggers and influencers with good authority and a solid reputation in your niche. Be sure to think outside the box and provide adequate information that will promote your destination and compel visitors to stay longer and even come back again.

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