Your hotel website is the face of your business. Whenever someone wants to know about your hotel brand and services, they will simply check your website and the information posted there. This means that your hotel site has the ability to convert one-time visitors into loyal customers.

To improve the functionality of your website, you will have to carry out a website redesign. However, it is always best to start with a website audit so that you can identify any issues with your site. Here are reasons to carry out a website audit before carrying out your website redesign.

  1. Enhanced visibility in the search results-An audit of your hotel website can identify errors in the meta data that may be preventing the search engines from indexing your content and prominently appearing in the search results.
  2. Detailed Competitor Analysis to determine successful strategies-An audit of your site can help you discover useful strategies that you can implement during your website redesign to rank higher against your competitors. You can also adopt tactics and keywords that your competitors are using.
  3. Improved User Experience-A site audit will help hoteliers identify ways of enhancing the overall functionality of their websites so that visitors want to stay longer.
  4. Discover potential sources of revenue-By carrying out a site audit, you can uncover lucrative opportunities like influencers and affiliates that you can partner with to boost your brand’s profile.
  5. Stronger Content-An audit of your hotel website will help you come up with a solid content strategy for your site and blog that mainly focuses on what users want and this will lead to better organic rankings on the search engines.
  6. Better SEO-SEO is dynamic with Google making over 500 algorithmic changes every year. A website audit will help to evaluate your SEO and how it enhances user experience so you can find a perfect balance when redesigning your site to keep Google and your users happy.
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization-A site audit will help in revaluating the effectiveness of your hotel website with regards to lead generation and conversion. You will be able to spot any missed opportunities to help convert visitors into leads by adding relevant CTAs and find more effective ways of boosting conversions.

Your hotel website may be functional, beautiful, and picture perfect, but if it is not giving you the results you desire, then it is not accomplishing its intended job. Your website is meant to build your hotel brand, market your business, and ultimately boost sales.  If you are not happy with the results your website is giving, then it is time to think about a redesign. A website audit will help you uncover any problems with your site that can be rectified during the redesign.

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