During crisis times, most hotel businesses are usually challenged because of the economic impact. However, when faced with adversity, hotels need to continue their marketing and promotion efforts and maintain a visibility within the hospitality industry. Marketing will ultimately help your business by ensuring continued development and long-term profitability. Here are reasons why hotels should still market themselves during crisis times.

Low Cost of Advertising

In most cases, the cost of advertising usually drops during recessions. Hotels can take advantage of the low rates to advertise their businesses as they prepare for the future. Lower marketing rates usually creates a buyer’s market for most brands and you can always get advertising services regardless of your budget.

Keep Loyal Customers Happy

The most important people that hotels need to consider during crisis times are the loyal customers. This is because returning clients are the most reliable source of income at this time. Marketing guarantees communication with your customers. These people are used to hearing from your business and will find comfort knowing that your company is still going strong during these difficult times. By cutting your marketing budget, you may end up alienating those who are most loyal to your brand.

With less competition, you have more room to shine

In most cases, businesses tend to reduce their marketing budgets during a crisis. This trend will give your brand an opportunity to stand out and even differentiate yourself from the competition. Hotels everywhere are investing less money on all forms of marketing and this leaves room for your brand to shine

Marketing during crisis shows brand stability

In uncertain times, the status of most businesses is questionable owing to an unfaltering economy. Hotels are shutting down, while others are laying off staff or cutting down their budgets. However, hotels need to continue marketing and promoting their brands when faced with crisis. A strong marketing campaign during crisis times lets everyone know that you are doing okay and are available to your customers. People will trust your brand more because you were still there even during the lowest times.

Consumers Change during Crisis Times

People tend to change during crisis times and marketing trends also change to suit the new normal. Hoteliers need to continue marketing their brands and align to the changing consumers if they want to survive in the future. For example, in the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending most of their times online and hotels can use this opportunity to market their brands and promotions by investing more on digital marketing.

The crisis will not last Forever

Pandemics and crises usually come and go and this means that hoteliers should continue marketing their businesses even during these times. You need stay positive and look towards the future during uncertain times. You want your business to still get clients and thrive when the pandemic is over.

Marketing Is a Long-Term Investment

Although people may not be looking for a hotel during the pandemic or crisis times, it does not mean that they are not looking and taking notes. People are still planning for their future holidays and stays during crisis times. This is why hotels need to think of marketing and promotions as a long-term investment that will take a while to yield the desired rewards. You need to be consistent, patient, and continue raising your brand awareness in a more creative manner to make potential clients to remember your business.

Crisis times or recessions forces people to take things slow, cut unnecessary expenses, and reprioritize; however, marketing should not be on this list. Hotels need to take advantage of the fact that most businesses withhold their advertising spend and this can help your brand to stand out and be seen easily by potential customers.

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