7 Things That Kill Your Hotels Email Marketing Open Rate

When it comes to developing premium quality marketing campaigns for your hotel, email marketing is still a perfect choice. This is because it can engage your audience, develop a loyal readership, and lead to sales without spending a lot of money. Even though email marketing is one of the easiest ways of reaching potential customers, you may be sabotaging your campaigns without noticing. Here are 7 mistakes that kill the open rate of your hotel’s email marketing.

Email with no value to the customer
Many hotels tend to send follow-up emails that lack anything valuable for the reader. As a result, many potential guests may end up ignoring your emails or marking them as spam. You should focus on emails that are valuable so that your customers can read them and will be willing to share them or make reservations at your hotel. Build a relationship with your subscribers and then offer them something helpful instead of being spammy.

Ignoring mobile
More than half of email messages are opened on mobile devices. Irrespective of how relevant or creative your email content is, if it is not mobile-responsive, then subscribers who use their phones will overlook it. You must ensure that your email content, social sharing buttons, CTAs, and website landing page work on mobile devices.

Email lacks personality
One of the biggest mistakes that hoteliers make is not letting their personality shine through. Just because you are selling your hotel services does not mean that your email messages should sound like marketing messages. Many people subscribe to your hotel list because they loved your point of view and unique voice. People are interested in hearing about your hotel or your perspective regarding what you offer, and the people behind your business.

Emails are too long
Long emails that are filled with many ideas, news, and topics regarding your hotel business may look amazing. However, they take too long to read through and will not get you the results you want. Long emails tend to lower your engagement and also take up a lot of time and energy. Keep your hotel emails simple and short, and they should also be fun and engaging.

Sending too few or too many emails
Many hotel marketers underestimate or overestimate the frequency with which their email subscribers wish to hear from them. When you send to many emails, your subscribers are unlikely to open them. Furthermore, if you send too few emails, then your prospective customers may end up forgetting about your hotel, especially if they are also getting emails from your competition.

Image-only emails
Most email subscribers turn off their images by default. Therefore, if your email content is contained in a single flashy image, then it will just appear as a white box to your recipients. Image-only emails may seem ideal for the hotel industry. However, it is best to include about 50% of text outside the main image.

Cookie-cutter emails
If your hotel’s email list is not segmented, then you need to do that. This is because your subscribers are at different stages of the sales cycle and they have different needs. Therefore, you need to segment your email listing to customize your messages to suit your readers. You will enjoy higher click through rates if your content matches the needs of every subscriber.

Email open rate should be on the mind of every marketer. By avoiding some of the above-mentioned mistakes, you can position your campaigns for success. As a result, you will notice an improvement in your open rate and your email marketing ROI will improve.

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