7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Hotel’s Online Image

Social media is one of the best free tools that every business should use to get benefited. Being a digital marketing connoisseur, you have made a great plan for Facebook and Instagram. But what about your Twitter marketing strategy? Are you able to engage your audience with your brand’s audience through this platform? It is one of the great platforms for all kinds of organizations and businesses. But if you want to get great success on this social media platform, then you have to make the right strategy. One wrong move can ruin your online image. You should tweet the posts by avoiding the following mistakes:-

#1 Overdo Promotion About the Hotel

One of the biggest mistakes made by most of the hoteliers is to publish posts about their hotels only. They don’t know that their audience may get bored with self-promotional content and they may unfollow you. If you want to become successful on Twitter, then you should not only share your brand’s message, but you should also focus on building a great relationship with the people.

#2 Buy Followers

These days, numerous hotel marketers know very well that they should avoid to buy followers. But many new hoteliers make this silly mistake to get a great start on social media. If you have just 100 active followers, then it is much better than 100, 000 followers who don’t recognize you.

#3 Incorrect Use of Hashtags

In Twitter, hashtags are one of the best ways to create online visibility of the business. With their help, you can showcase what exactly you’re offering. If you use too many hashtags in your tweets, then it may annoy your followers. So, limit them. Some of the most popular hashtags are #besthotel #boutiquehotel #hoteldeals and #hotel.

#4 Ignoring Guests’ Feedback

There are many hotel marketers who don’t give importance to use Twitter for replying the guests’ feedback. In modern advertising, the feedback of the customers is everything. To make good online image, it is must to monitor and respond the guests’ feedback. If you ignore unhappy guests’ comments, then it would be the worst thing as these reviews will be visible to all.

#5 Wrong Twitter Marketing Strategies

Most of the hoteliers think that they can easily do hotel marketing through social media. But they forget to make the right strategy beforehand. It may put a negative impact upon the strategy from the starting. If we talk about long-term advertising on these websites, you should make sure that you have set your goals, check out analytics report and know weaknesses and strengths.

#6 Schedule Tweets

It is true that scheduling tweets can help you manage your Twitter page in an efficient manner. This technique would be beneficial, if you don’t get time to post most frequently. But you should do this activity along with real-time interaction. After scheduling tweets for the week, you should ensure to get on Twitter quickly so that you can retweet them which your audience likes.

#7 Ignoring Latest/Upcoming Events

Every hotelier should post on Twitter about latest/upcoming events of the city. It will help the travelers to know what’s going on in the town. Sharing something beneficial for the audience can help you to increase your followers dramatically.

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