7 Ways to Capture Guests Emails and How to Use it for Email Marketing

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7 Ways to Capture Guests Emails and How to Use it for Email Marketing

Despite all the social media and other marketing tools, Email Marketing is the best way of spreading brand awareness and capturing the undivided attention of your target customers. The Emails should be strong enough to captivate new users too other than the existing clients.


Here are some approaches and tactics that would not only help you get the keys to the inboxes of your desired audience but will also turn your email marketing plan to a lead conversion machine.


How to capture Email addresses of your Customers?


  • Request the guests during the time of checking in or out of the hotel to subscribe in person or fill a feedback form. This is a great way to enhance your email list with an added benefit of information about their experience at your hotel.


  • Offer the audience a clear benefit in return for their email addresses. For example: any kind of complimentary amenity or facility that they could enjoy at your hotel, voucher to services like spa, in-house restaurant etc.


  • Seeking permission to sign up for your newsletter would be a good step towards getting emails from the interested audience. This would help generate a quality email list of the customer for future sale.


  • Offer an exclusive deal in exchange for the information related to the customer’s email and interest. For example: instead of asking people to join your mailing list, refer it to as like “VIP List” that promises them special offers and news. This way you can earn the trust of your customers and make them feel special.


  • Pop ups are a legal way of collecting email addresses of the customers. These are a type of web form that appears either as soon as the user lands on the website or appears instantly while viewing a website. It should include a content so convincing that even the reluctant user won’t ignore it. For example discount coupons, newsletter etc. This is an effective way of collecting email addresses which further improves lead generation conversion to greater numbers.


After you have completed this first step you can proceed to the second step that is how you could proceed with the audience data to generate enhanced revenue. Proceed with the best tips given below:


The Right Email Marketing Strategy


  • Create high-quality content which should be laser-focused on the needs and interests of your target audience. For instance, share beautiful images of your hotel, landscape and amenities, along with its location to make marketing more effective. This would lure the customer to plan a trip to your place.


  • According to research by Experian, personalized email delivers 6 times higher transaction rates than the ones sent without the thought. Personalized mails on the confirmation of booking also includes in great tactics of email marketing. For instance: Other than the guest’s personal information in the booking, add some info about the amenities and local events to be organized during their stays in the city. Don’t miss this sure-fire to get more eyes on your mail.


  • Occasional mails sent to the guests should include worthy information for the customer. For example: a weather report. Present your distinct content in a unique and creative manner. The mail should exude vibes of a friend more than a hotelier.


  • Communicate with your guest before and after their stay through email like “Thank You for Booking”, “Your Upcoming Stay” and “Thank You for Staying”. Express gratitude and add a personal touch to your emails.


  • Address your guests on special occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries and even festivals. You can also suggest them with great ideas of celebration at your place. Your effort will surely be appreciated by the guest.


  • Acknowledge customers about the events and celebrations, special themed nights organized in your hotel on various occasions. This way the customer can enjoy the celebration and in house accommodation while you can enjoy your profits.

If your email marketing strategies are unable to convert readers into paying customers, you aren’t doing it the right way. You would surely be leaving your guests to your other competitors. Follow the above mentioned tips that would surely act as a helping hand to your hospitality business.


This established tool in your toolbox thus can be widely used in place of several other tactics for doing a brand promotion that would not only engage the customers but will also persuade them to experience your service or product. Apart from this, you can also hire professionals from Websrefresh that holds expertise in every service related to website and its marketing that would boost your business with their innovational solutions.Contact on (602) 644-1779 to resolve your issues and avail unmatchable service for your business.


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