7 Ways to Make Your Hotel Website Header Bring in Bookings

A website header is usually the first thing that visitors will see when they get to your hotel website. This means that it can make or break your branding, user experience, and much more. Therefore, you need to create the best headers for you to retain users and ensure that they move through your webpages. Here are 7 things that can help you get more bookings.

Use Clear And Readable Fonts

The text in your header must be readable at a single glance. Use short words whenever possible and select fonts that are clear and relatively large in size. You should avoid stylized fonts on your headers as this can be difficult to read.

Use A Great Image

A stunning image makes a great first impression. Your headers should have an imagery that your users will want to look at. You can use a video, photo, animation, or other art elements. Ensure that you pair your image with other elements to help make the most of the content. You can include other elements like navigational elements, search, a call-to-action button, text or headline.

Add A Clickable Element

A header is the perfect location for your call to action or simple actions like an email address collection form. However, you should not go overboard with clickable elements as it will take away from your overall message. A simple one-action element will be highly effective for your header.

Create Distinct Messaging

Just getting a great image in your header is not enough. You should consider the message that the header communicates to your users. All elements of the header must communicate a single, unified message that is simple and easy to understand. It should also tell your users what they should expect from content on the webpage or what they should do. Ensure that you combine several elements to help create an overall effect using a single message.

Keep Text To A Minimum

The website header is mainly for brand recognition and branding. Therefore, it should always be primarily visual. The text should be kept to a minimum. You do not have to include your hotel name, your name, title, tagline, marketing message and mission statement.

Emphasize Important Elements

Consider the major thing that you want your website visitors to do on your hotel website and ensure that this element is clearly visible in your header. For instance, you can include a ‘book a room now’ icon. Generally, headers contain information that enables visitors to interact with your site easily. These include navigation links, the hotel logo, call to action, social media icons, tagline, contact information, shopping cart, and multi-language toggle. Consider what is most important for your hotel website and emphasize that.

Keep It Simple

You should avoid cramming too much staff in your header. Keep in mind that the header is valuable real estate for your hotel business and the more you stuff it, the less valuable it will become.

A header is a vital zone of interaction for any hotel website. Make sure that your header is usable and informative for your target audience. User research can offer good insight into design solutions that will boost your hotel bookings.

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