8 Ways to Meet Your Hotel Guests’ Expectations

When people go on holidays or travel for business purpose, they often stay in a hotel. Staying at a hotel can be a great experience, especially if travelers have access to facilities that they have come to expect from these hotels. In earlier days, most travelers’ expectations were limited to clean and comfortable rooms. However, in today’s digital era, when travelers are more informed and well connected, their exceptions and desires are changing with each passing day. It is very significant for hoteliers to understand these changing needs of diverse travelers in order to stay ahead the competitors.

With the power of technology, information and personal touch, hotel industries can deliver the best possible hospitality services to all their valued guests.


In the Survey of 2017, it was found that about 50 % of U.S consumers check their mails about 10 times a day, and they prefer to receive updates from hotels by email instead to direct mail, social media sites or mobile applications. To get updates and information about hotel discounts and offers, more than 80% of users prefer mails to be personalized.

By personalizing your email messages, you can increase your open rates and click-thoughts.


Your messages must be relevant. When posts or messages are not pertinent to travelers’ interest, they tend to ignore them or unsubscribe from hotel promotional emails.

Try to learn about your guests’ interests, preferences and desires. If possible record them in your CRM so that you can send them customized mails.


Never send your subscribers untimely messages as it can disturb them and encourage them to unsubscribe from your promotional mails.

Look for patterns and try to provide them offers according to that. It will help you to attract more customers.

Fulfill Customers Requirements:

It is not always about holidays or business. People travel for various different reasons. It is very essential for hoteliers to understand that the need of travelers change according to the nature of their stay. In fact, many business travelers prefer bleisure trips to make their journey memorable.

Your staff should be very supportive and fully cooperative. Your staff should ask your guests about their staying needs, experience and feedback. It will create positive image of the hotel in customers’ mind and also help you to serve better.


People appreciate authenticity. They don’t expect excellence, but they do expect hotels to be fully reliable and authentic. When customers receive a trust from the hotel, they will continue to use it and also prefer it to others.

So, you should be transparent in marketing messages and hospitality services.

Memorable Moments:

Travel can be tedious and boring, especially if it is long. Travelers love surprise and gladness moments that turn their tediousness into a relaxing and happy journey.

Try to figure out some ideas from guest profiles and encourage your staff to go to the extra mile. However, it does not have to be royal gesture. It is just about the special care and little attention that can make a big difference.


When customers are loyal to your hotel, they expect loyalty in return. Use your database to identify royal and valuable customers. Show them that you appreciate their feedback and committed to serving their requirement over the long term.

A Seamless Experience:

Travelers want their stay to go smoothly with no unpleasant things or disappointments. You should invest in the latest tools and technologies so that you can send the right messages through the right channel at the right time.

By using the power of technology, you can provide your guests expected services without any delay or errors.

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