Most people rely on home pages to give them a view of what a website or company is all about. This means that hotels should not waste this opportunity to deliver on this expectation. A homepage header is one of the crucial parts of designing and effective and converting hotel website. Your homepage header plays a major role in grabbing the attention of visitors and establishing a strong connection with them. Here are 9 inspiration ideas that you can use for your hotel.

  1. Oversized Hero Image

Because of the modular style of designing websites for them to be responsive, most designs can be broken into distinct sections and blocks. Your hotel homepage can be made up of one full-width hero image. This idea makes use of a single and striking image that is overlaid with a simple text to welcome your guests or website visitors. You will achieve simplified beauty with this design. An example is the CleverBird Creative homepage that uses an oversized hero image.

  1. Video Backgrounds

A video background is a modern trend that works best when applied to your home page header. A video background will do a great job showcasing the mood of your hotel website, and showing videos of your entire property and all amenities that appeal to guests. An example of video backgrounds is the Le 28 website.

  1. Sliding Images

You can incorporate sliding images to your website as your homepage header. With sliding images, your website visitors can automatically scroll through one beautiful hotel to the next. This allows you to incorporate hotels pictures that you really love and showcase your prospective guests what your hotel offers. Below is an example from Pierres.

  1. Eye-Catching Typography

With strong typography, your content will shine. You should choose a typograpohy that is clear and clean. When paired with the right font size of your main hotel message, your homepage will be so eye-catching. Check out the example below from Slack.

  1. Hidden Navigation

You can draw attention to your hotel’s homepage by hiding navigation buttons. When your navigation is tucked away, the immediate focus of your visitors will be drawn to the exciting visuals your page. A good example of this type of home page header design is the +rehabstudio website.

  1. Products or Services First

Hotels can focus on their products or services when designing their homepage header. Visitors already know what they have come to your hotel website for, so you can just get right into it. You can use your homepage header to show off your newest releases or latest big services to entice visitors onwards. An example of this homepage design idea is Apple that uses its latest big product.

  1. CTA front and Center

A time will come when your hotel has something really special that you can show off to your visitors whether you want them to buy or download. In such a case, you can use the homepage header permanently or temporarily to highlight this awesome call-to-actions. An example is the Everywhereist blogger that directs its website visitors to click on their bold CTA.

  1. Animation

If you want your focus to be drawn to a video or CTA, you can use a static homepage header design. Ensure that it is simple so that there are no distractions that keep visitors from taking the action you are directing them to do. Animations are a perfect choice for hotels that are looking for an interesting wat of sharing their message with readers. An example is the Baianat that uses animations to share several messages within the homepage space without making it look overcrowded or cluttered with information.

  1. Vibrant Textures and Colors

You can opt for a homepage header that uses more vibrant colors, gradients, and layers in their design. You do not have to be relegated to CTA buttons as they can be used for the whole website blocks. An example of this design is what Stripe does with their texturized and colorful header.

Wrapping it Up

There are different ways of designing a header for your hotel website. Ensure that you choose a design that makes the most sense for your hotel website. The design that you choose should tell your brand’s story, engage, and educate your audience. With the right design, you will inspire adequate trust to propel your visitors to other pages of your hotel website.

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