9 Hotel Website Development Mistakes that Cost You Money, Time and Reputation

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Hotel Website Development

Developing a hotel website requires a lot of consideration as it forms a crucial marketing tool for the hotel’s success. In many cases, travelers will use the website as the first point of information before making a decision on whether to book or not. If the website does not sell the hotel as an ideal accommodation establishment, then you can be sure that it will not have a lot of bookings.

By not getting the website development right at an early point, you risk losing the hotel a lot of business. Therefore, it is vital to understand the mistakes that you can make in website development, which can really cost you finances, time and even your reputation. This will ensure that you end up creating the best hotel website, which will lead to more business for your establishment.


1. Not having an established core objective


When you develop the hotel website without any clear objective, it will not add value to the users. You will also not utilize the best tools that would make it successful.


2. Having links that do not work


When users click on the links, they should not get an error message. Ensure that all links lead to the directed pages fast, and without any inconvenience to the users.


3. Basing the website on a poor framework


The technical aspect of the development should be on point. It is not enough to just pick any content management system. You must also consider factors such as structure and security.


4. Not basing your website development on more than one user environment


Users will access the website using various platforms. Ensure that the website is scalable to suit the different platforms. It should work well no matter the platform used to access it. For example, a mobile device user should still have access to all interactive features without having to switch to a desktop to do so.


5. Making navigation complicated for users


If the users find the navigation difficult, they will automatically switch off. The pages should be easy to access and well labeled for users to find what they want easily. Users should not have to click links all over the website in search of information.


6. Not considering the website promotion aspect


The marketing aspect of the website is important. This makes it easy for users to find the website on search engines. All efforts should be geared towards optimization.


7. Putting the needs of users last


Users will use the website with an objective in mind. They may be looking for information. They may also be looking to make their bookings and payments online. The website should reflect the various needs of users in order for it to be successful.


8. Poor quality in terms of content, design and brand


Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and poor quality pictures are some of the things that affect the brand of a hotel. When the website is full of errors, users may see this as a reflection of the hotel itself. They may associate the errors with low quality service, and facilities that the hotel offers.


9. Not making updates on any changes


If the website does not reflect the present status of the hotel, it may end up misleading users. For example, if the rates reflected are lower than the current ones, users may make their bookings only to meet a surprise bill after. If the website does not reflect any upgrades made, users looking for such facilities may overlook the hotel assuming they don’t have them. This leads to loss of income.


Avoiding mistakes at the development stage is best as it allows you to have a successful website from the beginning. Such should attract the right people that are willing and able to sample what the hotel has to offer.

Nimesh Dinubhai

About The Author: Nimesh Dinubhai

Nimesh Dinubhai, the president of Websrefresh, offers excellent services to hotel industry. Some of them include website development, web design, mobile application, brand positioning, and other related Internet services. He has great interest in technology, the Laws of Success, spirituality, and the hotel industry. Also, he is also a member of Vantage Hospitality and AAHOA.

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