9 Types of Posts on Facebook That Bring Guaranteed Attention from Guests

Facebook is a great platform that you can use to get the attention of your hotel guests and new customers. Millions of people use this popular platform every day and by knowing what to post and the right time to do so, you can get their attention. Getting Facebook engagement tends to take time and the following ideas of posts will benefit your hotel business immensely.

Tell Stories

Always share stories about your business and your life on your Facebook page. People usually remember stories and you can use this to your advantage. Stories work because they are personal and your followers will relate to the situation or a similar story. As a result, you will connect with them at a personal level.

Post Videos

Videos are the most engaging posts on Facebook today. Over 8 million videos are watched on Facebook every day. All that is needed is a little creativity and you will get great results. Take advantage of this and post a video to showcase:

• You and your team
• Behind the scenes action
• Your fun side
• Your property
• Just say hello

Behind-The-Scenes Shots of Your Hotel

Behind-the-scenes posts help to humanize your hotel business. These posts will also help your hotel stand out from the competition. Today, fans are looking for transparency and they want to see what happens behind the public eye. This type of post will rake in great results with regard to engagement.

Post Selfies

Selfies are one of the most popular types of posts on Facebook. A well-done selfie can do a lot for your hotel’s Facebook strategy. Selfies will help to humanize your hotel brand and they will give it a personality of its own.

Random Thoughts

You can also post what is on your mind or what you are thinking. Sharing whatever comes to your mind will get you some response from your fans. You never know; your followers may also be thinking of the same thing. This may spice things up with your followers or get you the most engagement ever.

Spotlight Fans

Make posts about your customers and fans. You can also reward loyal fans with weekly or monthly prizes that you give away on your Facebook page. This is an excellent way of building trust and credibility. Potential clients will book a stay with your hotel and will be more loyal to your hotel.

Post Viral Photos

You can also post viral photos from the internet. These pictures may do quite well on your hotel’s Facebook page. You can get some ideas from Post Planner’s viral photos. You will get engaging content like quotes, funny photos, memes, and many more.

Ask Fans About Your Business Decisions

Does your hotel need a new logo? Are you trying to find some new hotel services to add? Are you looking for ideas on what you should write on your blog? You can get all these answers by asking your Facebook fans. This is a perfect way of boosting engagement quickly. Plus you will get lots of feedback from your fans.

Trending Topics

You should post about some of the trending topics. Find topics that your followers are talking about. For instance, if your followers are watching a football match, you can post content around this topic. This will get your fans talking and engaging with your business. Furthermore, the news feed algorithm tends to reward posts that talk about trending topics on Facebook.

There are many post ideas that your Facebook fans will love. You can start out with the above-mentioned ideas. They will surely help you to get more likes, shares, comments, and reach. The only way to determine whether they will work for your hotel business is by trying them out. You will definitely love the results.

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