As a modern and tech-savvy hotelier, you need to design an amazing ‘About Us” page that will crisply convey your hotel’s brand message, inspire trust, and facilitate further action by prospective guests. Although every website has an ‘About’ page, hotels must aspire to have a page that will generate more leads and clients. A good page will convert complete strangers into qualified leads and even actual hotel guests.

Make It About Your Guests

An ‘About Us’ page is not really about you and your hotel. Your hotel website visitors found your site because they have a problem that needs a solution. If you can prove that you understand your guests better and have a viable solution, then they will readily believe in you and trust your hotel.

When writing your hotel’s ‘About Us’ page, avoid eulogizing your hotel by writing about your visions and missions. Write a simple and genuine page that will solve your guests’ problems.

Incorporate Different Forms of Media

Make your hotel’s about page an awesome feast for the eyes by using photos, videos, infographics, or timelines. If people are going to find your about page, you must ensure that it captures their attention for a long time. Your timeline should incorporated different forms of media and a strong design, while still providing guests with the essential information they are looking for.

Tell your Story

Even if your hotel brand does not have an awesome story, you can still tell your guests about your brand. You should always focus on the things that make you human. You can document the history of your hotel from when it was established to the present day, and incorporate some photos. Social icons and customer ratings will also make your page stronger.

Incorporate Your Contact Details and Address

People need to know where your hotel is situated and how they can contact you. Therefore, make sure your about page has your physical address and your contact details. Potential guests are unlikely to make reservations if you ate less than forthcoming about your exact location. Ensure that your contact information is up to date to avoid losing a sale or sending alarm bells ringing. You should also include social handles.

Make it Unforgettable

Your ‘About’ page is your chance to make a good first impression in the minds of your prospective guests. Therefore, you must provide content about your hotel that people will not forget about even after they close the tab. People are likely to make reservations in your hotel if they like you. Creating a good first impression with your ‘About Us’ page will make the difference between bounce and conversion.

Finish with a Call to Action

You should never leave your hotel guests hanging. If your copy and design of your hotel’s ‘About’ page are solid then you can seal the deal by ending it with a CTA or call-to-action. A CTA will direct your visitors on what to do next and can help you seal the deal with a reservation or email subscription.

An About Us page should not be hard work. However, it should do a perfect job in giving customers insight into your hotel by highlighting the hows, whats, and whys of the brand. Be sure to pick your words wisely, be honest, and do not forget to be human. Allow your creativity to flow and be real if you want your guests to connect with you and your hotel brand.

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