Above the Fold refers to the portion of the hotel webpage that is visible without scrolling. This is usually the first sight that hotel visitors encounter on a web page. This part of the webpage is essential because when guests land on your hotel page, they expect to find the information they are looking for. If your above-the-fold area does not offer value or information right away, then your visitors will leave.

When hoteliers include user-actions and relevant information above the fold, then the visitors will be engaged from the start. The best way to achieve this is by using design elements that will grab attention. Here are features you should incorporate above-the-fold for more calls and hotel bookings.

Value Proposition

A strong value proposition will make a huge impression on guests and offer a clear picture of what your hotel has to offer.  A value proposition is a promise of the value to be communicated, delivered, and acknowledged. Value proposition is also a belief from the guest regarding how value will be experienced, acquired, and delivered. Hotels need to share their value proposition directly on their above the fold as it can help to differentiate your property from your competitors. When creating your hotel’s value proposition you should consider:

  • Your target customer base
  • What services or products you offer
  • What Value with your hotel deliver when guests choose you
  • What makes your hotel unique

Call to Action

Calls to action or CTAs are essential to getting leads and provoking users to take the next step on your hotel website. When your CTA is positioned above the fold, it gives guests easy access to whatever they are looking for. Some of the best call-to-actions that you can put on your homepage include contact us buttons, book now buttons, or learn about us buttons.


Hotel’s above-the-fold should include an easy to use and visible navigation. This will help to guide guests through your hotel website. If a visitor has a difficult time navigating the different pages on your hotel website, this will affect their decision making and you may end up losing a client. Ensure that your navigation bar includes all the important pages including about us, pricing, amenities, dining, attractions, and contact us. When creating your navigation ensure that you are guided by user experience.

Visual Elements

Hoteliers need to grab the attention of their visitors using captivating visual elements like graphic, photo, animation, or pattern. One classic visual you can incorporate above the fold on your hotel website is a picture of your property. This is the best way of showcasing your hotel by plopping it right where guests can see it. However, you must avoid clutter by crowding different elements on each other. It is best that you focus on one thing and create an appealing introduction to new guests visiting your hotel website for the first time.

Above-the-fold is still an important part of the hotel’s landing page with regards to attention and views. However, website visitors begin to take in more information as they scroll. To fully optimize your hotel’s above and below the fold, you need to analyze user behavior to have an in-depth understanding of how potential guests view your hotel pages. When done the right way, the content above the fold can help to improve rankings, build visitor trust, and lead to more calls and direct bookings.

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