Facebook users are a crucial commodity to the platform and they do everything possible to maintain their attention. To keep the attention and interests of users, Facebook is always changing its News Feed algorithm to make sure that their users get the most relevant and engaging materials possible. The Facebook algorithm evaluates every post, score it and arranges it in a descending order based on the interest of every individual user. This process usually happens every time users refresh their newsfeed. This is why every hotelier should keep track of these Facebook algorithms if they want their followers to see their posts and engage with them. Here are some of the algorithm updates that hoteliers should know about.

For Video Posts, Intent and Repeat Viewership Matters

When it comes to marketing your hotel on Facebook, video is a big trend. However, hoteliers need to post videos that people will desire to watch. One of the Facebook News feed Algorithm updates gives preference to videos that people are proactively looking for and returning to the platform to watch. This can be divided into two factors:

  • Intent-if people will go out of their way to find your hotel video content by searching on Facebook or going directly to your hotel page, then your videos will get greater distribution and they will reach many people.
  • Repeat Viewership-if users are watching videos from the same hotel frequently, the hotel’s videos will get preference in the News Feed and this will make it easier for new people to discover your video content.

This means that hoteliers should not just create videos of their property or staff for the heck of it. For your hotel to get value from your social video investments on Facebook, you should create content that will make individuals want to watch and come back to view many more tomes. You should focus on posting episodic content to help increase episodic content that will boost repeat viewership of any subsequent posts you make.

Why Am I Seeing This Post? Algorithm Update

This update allows Facebook to provide context to why users on their platform see specific organic posts or ads. This signals the need for hotel brands to sharpen their audience targeting and encourage interactions from their followers. With Facebook’s “why am I seeing this ad”, your News Feed will be put into context.

The Continuous Fight Against Misinformation

Facebook is constantly fighting against “fake news” or misleading content and this is well-documented. Facebook has elaborated on its efforts to fact-check content to prevent or avoid misinformation. Even though this algorithm update may not directly impact on hotel brands, it does highlight the importance of transparency and trust on the platform. Anything that is perceived to be spammy or needlessly controversial may quickly earn your hotel brand a strike.

Links to Low-Quality Websites Are Devalued

The truth is that there is a lot of junk and spam on the internet that gets fed by social media traffic. With this algorithm update, Facebook helps its users to avoid these junk by devaluing links to hotel websites that offer poor web experiences. Facebook reviewed thousands of pages liked to from their platform and came up with a list of characteristics that indicate web pages may have spammy or low-value content. Hoteliers can ensure that this algorithm update does not affect organic reach to their website pages by:

  • Ensuring landing pages do not have malicious, shocking, or disruptive ads.
  • Ensure the page load speed is fast enough because slow loading sites are likely to be devalued.
  • Ensure hotel landing pages contain substantive content
  • Monitor your hotel website’s bounce rates and the pages per session metrics. It is a good sign if people peruse your website deeper from the landing pages.

Facebook algorithm updates may be a pain for many hotel marketers. However, Facebook must be applauded for doing everything possible to offer a great user experience on the platform. Facebook has grown to become one of the best social media platforms and a place where people can discover and connect. It is important for hoteliers and marketers to maintain awareness of the Facebook algorithm updates to ensure their strategies are evolving in line with them.

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