The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost all areas of life all over the globe. With the uncertain global economy, most hotel businesses are shifting their strategies to work smarter as they prepare for unchartered territories. For hotels to come out on top when business resumes, they need to strategically invest in their marketing. One of the best investment ideas that hoteliers can adopt post COVID is digital marketing.

Why Digital marketing?

Hoteliers should invest in digital marketing because people will still need your products and services when business resumes after the pandemic. Although social activity decreases during the pandemic, there is an upsurge in online activity. Since more people are at home, they spend longer times online every day and they are likely to see your hotel online marketing efforts. By investing in digital marketing you will get in front of your audience when they need you most.

Hotels Must Be Flexible In These Temporary Times

Hoteliers need to remember that although we are facing very difficult times, we will soon come out of it. To survive after the pandemic is over, hotels need to be flexible to new things and collaborate digitally as much as possible. These are not normal times and hoteliers need to adjust to the dynamic situation to help them keep their existing clients and even get new ones. With most people spending their time online, you need to focus on your business website. Website design and development services may cost you anywhere between $2,000 and $75,000, while the annual maintenance costs between $400 and $60,000. The costs vary based on the size of your website and the features of the site. Businesses should also communicate with their clients regularly through email marketing services which can cost your business about $9 to $1,000 per month for those that self-manage their own campaigns and $300 to $500 per month for businesses that work with an agency.

Digital marketing will offer your audience what they need and when they need it

When hotels are experiencing budget crunches, it is best to shift your marketing efforts and engage consumers who can readily buy. You can build a solid digital presence using market research, paid advertisements and data analysis. Gathered data can allow hoteliers to evaluate the behaviors of their buyers and plan their marketing efforts based on more accurate, reliable, and more focused data. A market research project can cost about $1500 to $30000 based on your case and your report expectations. With professionals, you will be paying for data collection and also insights generation, guidance, and support for your business case. However, you can also use online software to gather data and analyze your studies and your overall budget will vary from $100 to $ 5000.

Digital marketing is affordable

Hotel businesses need to invest in digital marketing because it is affordable. You will reap immense benefits over the years from your initial investment. You can always work with SEO companies to ensure that your social media accounts are handled by professionals who will give value for your money. Social media marketing costs businesses an average of $1000 to $7000 per month depending on the size of the business and the suite of services that you choose.   Business also need PPC management services after COVID and this can cost an average of between $9000 and $10,000 per month for small to medium sized companies.

Digital marketing is one of the cost-effective marketing investment ideas that hotels can adopt post COVID. You can gather information from your marketing efforts and website to help move your budget to the bets methods that will push your business or sales. This will ensure that your marketing messages and efforts appeal to the mood of consumers after the pandemic. Most hotel businesses have experienced decreased business and this means that every dollar that is spent on marketing should be tactical.

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