A business website is only as good as the traffic and hits it receives.  Google receives up to 3.5 million searches a day and if you are not using the right techniques to be seen, then your website needs help. This is easy as 1-2-3, and Websrefesh is ready to get your website off on the right track to help you drive organic traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is basically focusing on how people search for what they are looking for and fine-tuning your site so that you are high up on the result pages of searches.  If your website cannot be found, then how will you get traffic?  Let’s look at a few easy ways to track how your website is performing and then what to do with that information to achieve maximum success and hits on your website.

The focus today will be on on-page SEO optimization.  This is the start of making sure your site is headed in the right direction and will help Google and other search engines recognize what your website is all about.

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Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix performance are the two most important tools that you can use to know whether your site is getting your share of traffic or is underperforming.  Both tools basically allow you to easily test the speed of your site and even give a detailed report of what might be slowing your site down.  It is a very fast and simple way to receive reports and use them to optimize your site and increase your ranks on Google.  On both platforms, you enter your URL and hit analyze. The report will help you analyze how users are interacting with your site.  Websrefresh then takes these reports and does a thorough analysis on the best ways to optimize your site.  We will analyze these reports from PageSpeed and GTmetrix to create our own reports showing you how we can increase your rankings on Google.  This, of course, means more traffic to your website.

Example reports from Websrefresh would include results on how well your keywords are showing up in Google searches and then show you how we can help you optimize your keywords for better results.  Our reports will also include competitive analysis to see where your site ranks and then work on a plan to increase your place on search results.  Tracking the volume of hits on your keywords and phrases will help you to understand what is working and where improvements can be made.  I think the greatest advantage of having Websrefresh analyze your site and then allowing us to optimize your site is having the monthly reports that show you the before and after results.  We have proven results from other clients showing how their rankings on Google have increased as well as the before and after reports to track your success.  Let’s look at an example of a company we worked with and the dramatic increase in rankings after we did an analysis and came up with ideas to improve their placement on Google searches.

The Azure Hotel is a company we worked closely with.  We found that they needed help with their keyword positioning.  A simple search of hotels near Mesa Amphitheatre had them in the #11 position. After optimizing their keywords, we pushed their site to a #2 ranking.

They were able to keep a #2 placement and then finally a #1 ranking and is continuing to do so.  We analyze what your competitors are doing, complete detailed research on what customers are looking for, then optimize several keywords and phrases until your business is on the top of the search list.

Look at what we were able to do for the Azure Hotel and know that we can do the same for you and much more.  We are here to help you; call us for a free analysis of your site and we will show how well we can transform your site to receive more hits, more bookings, and higher rankings so that your site will be new competition.

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