Best Strategies to Encourage Hotel Guests to Leave Reviews

In the hospitality industry, online customer reviews play a crucial role to get more direct bookings and earn higher revenue. It will be good for you and your potential customers, if you encourage your guests to leave a feedback either positive or negative. Both types of reviews will help you to serve your guests better. Here are some smart ways that can help you encourage your customers to leave reviews after the trip.

Give Your Guests Exceptional Service

To start with, you should give your guests superb service that they really deserve. It will help them to make their trip memorable. By offering them excellent service, you will notice that you will start receiving positive reviews from your customers. It will also put a great impact upon your online reputation. The top reason behind this is that most of the people prefer to share their reviews at different online sites such as Tripadvisor so that other travelers can read them and get benefited.

Ask Them at the Time of Checkout

You can also encourage your guests to share the experiences about their stay at your hotel when they are about to departure. Just ask them to fill out a form or leave a message about the services, staff members, hotel cleanliness, etc. Remember that their feedback is important for you.

When You Receive Unsolicited Feedback

If any guest says something positive about your service or hotel, then it will be the golden opportunity for you to ask them to tell their stories at review websites. By reading these stories online, other travelers may take advantage.

Follow-up Emails

Many hoteliers encourage their customers to share their contact details. Once they departure from the hotel, you can ask them to share their experiences through emails. You can also thank them to stay at your hotel. Don’t forget to place the links of online feedback form or review websites with the message. If we talk about business travelers, you can mail them invoice and ask them to rate your hotel.

Tell Your Customers How Their Feedback can Help

Your guests are responsible persons and if they have had a great time at your place, then you can frankly ask them to share their feedback But do it in a casual way such as “It would be great, if you leave a feedback about us’ Also, let them know that their feedback is not only beneficial for you, but also for future guests. If they mind to mention their name, then ask them to share experience anonymously.

Give Them Keepsake Postcards

When your guests departure from your place, you can also send them complimentary keepsake postcards requesting for writing a review. These postcards should have the most stunning image of your property so that they can keep them as a souvenir of their travels.

Hope above mentioned tips with help you to encourage your guests to leave reviews about your hotel. But just asking feedback from customer is not good enough to improve online image. For this, you have to take care of all of their responses. If you don’t have much time to respond them quickly, then you can take help from a leading company that can assist you to improve online image. Their trained staff members will give you great social media management support and assistance. To make your online reputation management, just call us now!

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