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Why spend more money to get bookings and reservations through third party distributors, such as low net rate wholesalers, OTAs, or tour operators when blogging can get you direct business? One of many benefits of blogging is that it helps you get direct sales by giving your prospects the information they want to know before making a reservation.

However, there are several other reasons why it makes great sense for hotel websites to start a blog of their own. Here are four unique reasons why you should not overlook the importance of setting up a blog on your hotel website:

A blog gets you new customers

You can create content with all that your target audience wants to read. Embedding your target keyword somewhere in the post will make it easy for search engines to find your post when someone searches it in the search bar. Once you have your visitors on your site, you can wow them with relevant, impressive, and informative content to make them come back for more. They may even want to subscribe to your RSS feed and return whenever there is a new post.

Over the time, you will be able to turn loyal blog visitors into your guests because they will start trusting your opinion. A good blog can win you new guests by establishing you as an authority.

A Blog Helps Develop Relationships

A fairly large number of your prospective guests will still prefer to post their queries through comment section on your hospitality blog than sending emails and even making phone calls. You can answer those queries to satisfy the one who has asked the question, and share it as a guide to others who may have similar questions. Over 68% of online users trust consumer opinions, and your blog’s comment section can help you convince those visitors.

Another way to build relationship with your prospective guests is by putting your staff in the spotlight. Introduce your staff and make them say how it is like to work at the hotel or what their places of interest are that guests would also want to explore. You may add pictures of your staff, so the guests could actually recognize them during their stay.

A blog is a subtle way to promote your hotel

You can start a blog and give your guests a better idea of what they should expect when they actually check-in and spend some time at your hotel. It can be a great way to promote your discount deals, special packages, and share highlights about your hotel, its location and everything that makes it a treat for leisure travelers.

Updates on what’s happening in your hotel will look better in a blog post than in a boring press release. You can also share your blog posts on social media websites to give your followers something to talk about and share with their friends. It may help your business because 92% of consumers now trust earned media and recommendations from friends to make a buying decision.

A blog gets you direct business

By sharing fresh, dynamic content, you can get Google’s attention that in turn will send more traffic towards your blog. You can utilize this opportunity and set up an Internet Booking Engine (IBE) on your blog. This way, your visitors can compare packages and book right on the spot.

Blogging has numerous benefits for hoteliers, as it can increase rankings, help guests have realistic expectations about your business, highlight special packages and discounts to increase bookings, and establish a stronger presence in the market. So, don’t forget to make your business more accessible for your prospective guests by posting what they want to read on your blog.

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