Improve Your Hotel Online Presence With The Best Marketing Strategies

In order to maximize the visibility of the online presence and ranking of any site on search engines, you always need innovative and effective SEO strategies. They are relentlessly making great effort...

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The Need to Have a Reliable Hotel Website Maintenance

A hotel that needs to make it and beat its competitors needs to invest in all the emerging and latest models of marketing. It needs to have well-set strategies of reaching out to more and more custome...

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How To Follow Up With Subscribers Who Don\’t Open Your Emails

Creating an email list is essential for email marketing. However, it is not guaranteed that all the subscribers on your mailing list will open your emails, which is why you should take action to analy...

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6 Types Of Blog Posts Every Hotel Should Be Doing For More Bookings

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of increasing your hotel bookings. However, you have to understand what, how and when to use various types of blogs....

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Three Things Guests Would Search On A Hotel Website Before Booking Online

There are so many hotels available on the internet for guests to book, but not all of them are good for booking. You may have wondered why some hotel websites are doing pretty much better than other h...

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Five reasons why you should have “things to do” page on your hotel website

Any business venture requires good marketing and advertisement to return substantial profit. This marketing and advertisement becomes even more of a necessity if the business venture is in the hospita...

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Surprising Hotel Marketing Trends For 2017

Trends change every minute of every day and what could happen today may not be significant tomorrow. However, it is important to take into account the evolution of the market in recent weeks, months o...

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What makes your social media cover pictures impactful?

Are you looking to make cover pictures impactful? This day’s people do the mistake of not caring much about their cover picture which is a very powerful tool if used the right way....

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How to Use Twitter for a Powerful Hotel Brand Awareness Campaign

Today, most successful hotels have a social media strategy, regularly including a Twitter presence. This micro-blogging platform is effective, powerful and a resourceful tool to use....

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What All You Can Have In Hotel Website Footer to Improve Conversions

How Important Are Footers, Really? These are important features because the footer choice is very visible. Lots of visitors see it. A study looked at 25 million visits to a website and found that visi...

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