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Branding is all about winning and keeping customers – it’s about influencing choice. By building brand recognition, you will be able to create a special relationship with your existing and new customers, based on several intangible characteristics that often evoke powerful emotional responses. Brand positioning on the other hand is about zeroing in on the perceptions of the prospect. In other words, you have to create a “position” for your brand in your prospect’s mind. It means brand positioning is more about what you do to set your brand apart.

Why Choose Our Brand Positioning Service?

Your business brand is the cornerstone of your business that builds a relationship with customers and leads to a continuous successful financial return. By using our brand positioning and marketing service, you will be able to create memorable distinction, build brand loyalty, improve profitability, gain sustainable competitive advantage, leverage new product introductions, and get more bookings online. Our experts will guide your management team in its choice of position – this will help build your brand, manage business growth better, and protect your brand by taking steps that match your current position. Moreover:

  • We research the current hospitality market to make new plans
  • We research your competitor’s business and explore NPD opportunities
  • We help you with brand profiling and positioning
  • We develop a communication strategy to develop your brand identity

What sets us apart is that we never make partly informed and intuitive guesses about the exact nature of your brand – we rely on sheer information that we collect to identify opportunities for your brand focus. Our experts will leverage online marketing channels to spread the word about your business and reach out to your potential guests.

  • We make use of email marketing techniques and send tips and newsletters to build a connection
  • We write blogs about your business and promote your brand in a seamless manner
  • We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks for promotion
  • We maintain your presence on peer review websites and engage with your audience
  • We host Facebook groups and encourage real users to ask questions and share info
  • We create content that shares a heart-felt story about your business and brand

Remember, a well-protected and well-managed brand will become the most valuable intellectual property asset for your hotel business and add to the overall commercial value of your business. Brand positioning is equally important to change how people think about your hospitality business. Let our experts guide you through the process.

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