Hotel Website Audit
Perfect Instagram Profile Grid Ideas and inspirations for Hotels

Your hotel’s Instagram layout grid is the feed of visuals that your account shares with the social media platform. This is the visual way that you represent your hotel business, brand, and services ...

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What Exactly Your Guests Want to See on Your Hotel’s Facebook Page

Facebook is a great marketing tool that has billions of daily users and about 47% of them access this platform through their smartphones. This means that almost everyone is on Facebook and hoteliers n...

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How to Make the Best Use of Your Local Google Business Listing for Hotel

Google My Business or GMB is one of the most effective free marketing tool that every hotel and resort should use. Google My Business incorporates Google maps, enhances your search ranking, and ensure...

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How to Make Your Hotel Booking on Website more Convincing
How to Make Your Hotel Booking on Website More Convincing and Quick

In our current fast-paced world, people are looking for instant results with everything including booking hotels. Most people get impatient when your website takes more than five seconds to load. This...

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3 Unconventional Hotel Website features
3 Unconventional Hotel Website Features That Increase Booking Rates

Whether you are managing a chain of hotels or a small independent hotel on the countryside, you need to have a hotel website that drives direct bookings. A hotel website is a crucial aspect of the onl...

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blog for hotel
Do You Need a Blog for Your Hotel? 6 Points to Help you Decide

Your website is what connects your hotel to the world. However, it is also important to have a blog on your hotel website. Before you sit down and start blogging, hoteliers need to understand the bene...

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Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that involves multiple skills (content marketing, digital marketing, web analysis, marketing strategy etc) and steps that enables your website to show up in the search results whenever a prospective client looks for you.

Example, first thing one does in order to decide the hotel stay is to look up for it in the search engine. He would type in the what he is looking for, may be location or a specific service. Example, “luxury resort in Phoenix”. Google will search for luxury resorts in Phoenix area and show these up. Hotels showing up on the first page of Google search receive 92% of total search traffic.

So, all you need is your website to show in top search engine results so that your potential customers can see you. At Websrefresh, we help your hotel website get strong online presence and domain authority so that your hotel brand shows up in organic search results.


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