Hotel Marketing
What To Do For Your Hotel Business When It Is A Complete Global Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to see increased cases of lockdowns and hotels need to find ways on how to deal with the situation. Hoteliers are strategizing on how they will survive during the cri...

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hotel social media
Should You Keep Your Hotel Social Media Pages Active In Lockdown? If Yes, What To Post

Yes, in a situation where there is a lockdown, hotels need to keep their social media pages active in order to keep their customers engaged. With many businesses considering having their workers work...

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Guests in Covid Crisis
2 Emails That An Empathetic Hotel Will Send To Its Guests In COVID Crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, hotels have to respond appropriately to the situation. Communication is key when it comes to engaging with customers. You don’t want to create the feeling that your hotel...

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How to Make Use of Instagram for Hotels and Bookings

Apart from a hotel website, Instagram is now becoming one of the best ways of marketing your hotel and increasing your bookings. This is because it helps you to tell the unique story of your property ...

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9 Types of Posts on Facebook That Bring Guaranteed Attention from Guests

Facebook is a great platform that you can use to get the attention of your hotel guests and new customers. Millions of people use this popular platform every day and by knowing what to post and the ri...

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no leads
No Leads? How to Figure If The Problem is in Marketing or Your Website

In today’s highly competitive world, hotels most often face challenges to get top quality leads. So, it may affect adversely on annual performance of their property. However, numerous hotels have th...

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7 Reasons Why You Must Send At Least One Email to Your Subscribers Every Month
7 Reasons Why You Must Send At Least One Email to Your Subscribers Every Month

Sending emails to your subscribers has many advantages to any hotelier. Newsletters are a great way of offering information to your clients and prospects. You can also use them to sell your products o...

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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Hotel Website

To operate efficiently, every hotel business needs different resources and tools. Today, hotels carry out a comprehensive analysis of the perks available and the service provider before choosing the r...

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5 Kinds of Photos Your Hotel Gallery Must Have for More Online Bookings

In the Hospitality industry, hotel images are the key to a well-performing and successful website. Human beings are naturally visual creatures and they usually buy with their eyes, particularly when ...

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5 Best Possible Giveaways That Hotels Can Have To Get More Subscribers

Email marketing is a lucrative way for hotels to improve their marketing strategy. It can help to enhance customer retention and acquire new customers and increase their spending. Your email marketing...

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How to Revive Your Online Selling After a Holiday

Every hotelier usually has the same fear of sales and bookings dropping after the holiday season. However, your profit margins do not have to change after every holiday. This is because there are thi...

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