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5 Kinds of Photos Your Hotel Gallery Must Have for More Online Bookings

In the Hospitality industry, hotel images are the key to a well-performing and successful website. Human beings are naturally visual creatures and they usually buy with their eyes, particularly when ...

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5 Best Possible Giveaways That Hotels Can Have To Get More Subscribers

Email marketing is a lucrative way for hotels to improve their marketing strategy. It can help to enhance customer retention and acquire new customers and increase their spending. Your email marketing...

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How to Revive Your Online Selling After a Holiday

Every hotelier usually has the same fear of sales and bookings dropping after the holiday season. However, your profit margins do not have to change after every holiday. This is because there are thi...

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Send These 4 Emails to Your Hotel Guests Every Month

Email marketing is an excellent way for hoteliers to communicate directly with existing and potential guests. This is because it can help to increase bookings and leverage opportunities at every stage...

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How to Encourage Your Guests to Refer Their Friends to Your Hotel

Hotel businesses need to advertise their business to grab the attention of prospective customers. However, you must ensure that your hospitality business has a great reputation so that guests who stay...

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11 Ways to Make Your Hotel Website Social Media Friendly

Smart social media integration is crucial for search engine ranking and enhancing audience engagement. Social media is a powerful amplification tool that hotel businesses should leverage. Furthermore,...

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Surefire Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Business

Much of the success of any business depends on its marketing strategy. You may have a management team with innovative & brilliant minds, teams of hardworking employees performing their tasks passionat...

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How To Deal With Negative Hotel Reviews And How To Use It For Improvement

Many hotels are not replying to all online reviews that they get. You need to be smarter about how you respond to your reviews if you want to grow your bookings. Not replying to negative reviews can s...

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5 Brilliant Give-Away Options to Increase Your Subscribers

Create offers in your email content that are limited and time-bound. The fear of missing out on a good offer will ultimately make customers subscribeand book your hotel services. You can send messages...

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7 Things That Kill Your Hotels Email Marketing Open Rate

Many hotels tend to send follow-up emails that lack anything valuable for the reader. As a result, many potential guests may end up ignoring your emails or marking them as spam. You should focus on em...

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How to Ensure You are Getting a Genuine Site Audit Done for Your Hotel Website

Unless you compare your site to competitors, you may not know how it’s performing. Let the auditors find out where your website is positioned in the SERPs compared to other hotel websites. The audit...

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Free Site Audit vs. Paid Website Audit – What All You Must Know

If you have been active in forums and on social media groups, it’s likely you have seen a lot of free SEO audit offers. Just by asking an opinion in these forums about your site, you are bombarded ...

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