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Free Site Audit vs. Paid Website Audit – What All You Must Know

If you have been active in forums and on social media groups, it’s likely you have seen a lot of free SEO audit offers. Just by asking an opinion in these forums about your site, you are bombarded ...

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The Role of Website Audit in a Hotel Site That Sends Booking Every Day

If you have a site that sends hotel booking every day, you need to ensure that it optimized for SEO, mobile-friendly, and converting. The site user experience (UX) needs to be evaluated to see that us...

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6 Check-Points That Reveal a Flawed Hotel Website

Designing a hotel website is subjective, without the right design team that can conceptualize to bring the design ideas into reality, you may not have a site that converts. You don’t want to have de...

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6 Mistakes Hoteliers Overlook in Their Websites Booking Engine

A hotel that has its Website Booking Engine in addition to its presence on OTA (Online Travel Agency) sits on a higher bar to the hotels that only rely on the sources like, direct, GDS, OTAs and walk-...

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7 Ways to Capture Guests Emails and How to Use it for Email Marketing

Despite all the social media and other marketing tools, Email Marketing is the best way of spreading brand awareness and capturing the undivided attention of your target customers. The Emails should b...

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What Makes a Great Hotels Websites Homepage

The website’s Homepage is the ultimate key to gaining leads and as a result, Sales. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it should be user-friendly and should hold the influence of earning custo...

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Why Investing in a Great Hotel Web Hosting Service is Worth and How to Find the Best One?

In today’s time, most of the travelers are heavily using mobile phones and the internet to discover the best places to visit. Using these devices, they can easily find out the best deals on hotel ac...

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Event Section On Your Hotel Site – What To Do & What Not

An event section on the hotel website is a section that lets the potential guests to know what’s going on in or around your city. In this section, you will come to know latest updates on recreationa...

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Some New Facebook Features for Business Pages that Every Hotel Owner Should Know

Today, Facebook has become one of the largest social media platforms in all over the world with over 1 billion daily active users. This platform offers a lot of opportunities for the hotel marketers. ...

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6 Great Blogpost Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Blogging, no doubt, is one of the most effective ways for hoteliers to drive higher web traffic as compared to SEO and Social media optimization. If we talk about Facebook posts or tweets, they help t...

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Got a Blog for Your Hotel? These 7 Topics Will Drive Massive Traffic

Be it a hotel website or any other website, if you need to make a huge difference to your overall website performance in the search engines, then blogging is important. Your blogs that are updated reg...

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6 Things That Make Your Hotel Website Content Convert into Bookings

For every hotel website, creating original and compelling content is imperative. Looking for a company who has the experience and the expertise to give the website a facelift can give your bookings a ...

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