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How to Write a Perfect about Page for Your Hotel Website

Do you know what kind of people is visiting your About Us page? Do you know them? Most likely, they are potential customers considering booking your hotel. About us page is the opportunity to tell the...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You\’re Doing Facebook Marketing for Hotels

Facebook is an ultimate platform for any business. If we talk about industry, hoteliers can enjoy a host of benefits when they use smartly. But most surprisingly, numerous hotel marketers are using th...

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How Useful Is Paid Facebook Advertising For Hotels?

As we know that Facebook changes its algorithm constantly and hence, it becomes so difficult for hoteliers to increase post reach, page followers, post engagements, etc. In that case, most of the hote...

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Mistakes Hotels Should Avoid With Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the leading social media channels that have the potential to bring revenue to your hotel. The hotels that are not acquainted with Instagram marketing could make common mistakes tha...

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What is the scope of Instagram marketing for hotels?

Instagram usage is likely on the rise. Currently, digital consumers are spending more time on Instagram than ever before. It is thus essential for the hotels to have a brand presence and a marketing s...

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What Exactly a Site Audit is & how it helps Your Hotel’s Business Online?

You have just built a website; but not getting more bookings from it? Well, there is no shortcut to make a site successful. But if you follow some proven strategies and tactics, then you can target th...

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How To Find The Best Website Audit Consultant For Your Hotel Website?

Before hiring anyone, you should ask from him for 1 or 2 insights of your website including opinions and benchmarks on your website presence along with other analysis reports. ...

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How to Conduct a 30 Minute Website Audit for Your Hotel Site?

Do you think that your website is underperforming? Do you want to know why your hotel site is not driving higher web traffic? Well, a deep analysis of your website will help. This will aid you to iden...

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Things That Annoy A Guest on Your Hotel Website

After going through all the trouble and expense of creating a website, it would be disappointing if we are not able to generate profits out of it. But not all our efforts are welcomed with equal enthu...

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5 Tools to Check How Your Visitors Are Surfing Your Website

When measuring the usability of a website, it is necessary to understand how a user perceives and uses a website. It is necessary to conduct a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your website d...

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5 Subtle Ways of Using WhatsApp for Your Hotel Marketing

WhatsApp is the most popular social chatting app that you will find on almost every phone. Since, it doesn’t sell ad spaces or provides any direct feature for business promotion, you need to be inno...

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10 Signs That Your SEO is All Wrong (and how to fix it)

In our extensive experience spanning over several years, we have seen a trend of basic SEO errors that most of the hoteliers make while optimize their hotel website. Here are the tell-tale signs that ...

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